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A new synthesis method for zeolites

Lee, Hyunjooresearcher; Zones, SI; Davis, ME, RECENT ADVANCES IN THE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF ZEOLITES AND RELATED MATERIALS, PTS A - C, v.154, pp.102 - 109, 2004-08

Strategies in developing routes to commercialization of novel high silica zeolites

Zones, SI; Lee, Hyunjooresearcher; Davis, ME; Casci, J; Burton, AW, MOLECULAR SIEVES: FROM BASIC RESEARCH TO INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS, PTS A AND B, v.158, pp.1 - 10, 2005-08

Synthesis of molecular sieves using ketal structure-directing agents and their degradation inside the pore space

Lee, Hresearcher; Zones, SI; Davis, ME, MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS, v.88, no.1-3, pp.266 - 274, 2006-01



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