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Dynamic behavior study of post-combustion carbon capture system

Im, Dasom; Lee, Jay Hyung, Korea CCS, KCRC, 2016-01-28

Dynamic Modeling and Anlysis of Amin-Based Carbon Capture Systems

Jung, Howoun; Im, Dasom; Kim, Sun Hyung; Lee, Jay Hyungresearcher, 10th IFAC Symposium on Advanced Control of Chemical Processes, ADCHEM, 2018-07-26

Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of the Carbon Capture System Using Blended Amine-Based Solvent

Im, Dasom; 김선형; Lee, Jay Hyungresearcher, AIChE Annual Meeting 2016, AIChE, 2016-11

Dynamic Simulation for CO2 Absorption Process Using MEA Solvent with Rate-Based Approaches

Kim, Seonhyeong; Im, Dasom; Jung, Howon; Lee, Jay Hyungresearcher, Korea CCS, Korea Carbon Capture & Sequestration R&D Center, 2017-02-10

Dynamic Study of Post-combustion Carbon Capture Process with Flexible Operation

Im, Dasom; Lee, Jay Hyung, ISChE, 충남-큐슈, 2015-12

Dynamics of the Amine-based Carbon Capture Process on Various Disturbances

Im, Dasom; 김선형; Lee, Jay Hyung, KIChE, 한국화학공학회, 2016-04

Economic assessment and optimization of the Selexol process with novel additives

Im, Dasom; Roh, Kosan; Kim, Junhan; Eom, Yongseok; Lee, Jay Hyungresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GREENHOUSE GAS CONTROL, v.42, pp.109 - 116, 2015-11

Modeling and Simulation of Rotating Packed Bed for Carbon Capture

Im, Dasom; Jung, Howoun; Lee, Jay Hyungresearcher, 2018 KIChE Fall Meeting, KIChE, 2018-10-26

Simulation and optimization of the physical absorption based carbon capture system with novel additives = 새로운 첨가제를 사용한 물리 흡수 기반 이산화탄소 포집 시스템의 시뮬레이션 및 최적화 연구link

Im, Dasom; 임다솜; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2016



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