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Computing adsorption properties of structurally deformed metal organic frameworks using a feature space map

Jeong, Wooseok; Kim, Jihanresearcher; Lim, Dae-Woon; Kim, Sungjune; Harale, Aadesh; Yoon, Minyoung; Paik, Myunghyun, 253rd ACS National Meeting & Exposition, American Chemical Society (ACS), 2017-04-06

Dry reforming catalyst using metal oxide support, and method for preparing synthetic gas by using same

Yavuz, Cafer Tresearcher; Ozdemir, Ercan; Song, Youngdong; Harale, Aadesh; Fadhel, Bandar

Modeling adsorption properties of structurally deformed metal-organic frameworks using structure-property map

Jeong, WooSeok; Lim, Dae-Woon; Kim, Sungjune; Harale, Aadesh; Yoon, Minyoung; Suh, Myunghyun Paik; Kim, Jihanresearcher, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v.114, no.30, pp.7923 - 7928, 2017-07

Modeling and Simulation of a Pre-Reformer (PR) and a Membrane Reactor (MR) Reflecting CFD Results

CHOI, HONGBUM; kim, shinhyuk; Lee, Jay Hyungresearcher; Yoo, Je Young; Lee, Jaemyung; Bae, Joongmyeonresearcher; Katikaneni, Sai; et al, 8th International Symposium on Design, Operation and Control of Chemical Processes, PSE, 2019-01-14

Response to Comment on "Dry reforming of methane by stable Ni-Mo nanocatalysts on single-crystalline MgO"

Song, Youngdong; Ozdemir, Ercan; Ramesh, Sreerangappa; Adishev, Aldiar; Subramanian, Saravanan; Harale, Aadesh; Albuali, Mohammed; et al, SCIENCE, v.368, no.6492, 2020-05



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