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Advanced carbon dots via plasma-induced surface functionalization for fluorescent and bio-medical applications

Park, So Young; Lee, Che Yoon; An, Ha-Rim; Kim, Hyeran; Lee, Young-Chul; Park, Edmond Changkyun; Chun, Hang-Suk; et al, NANOSCALE, v.9, no.26, pp.9210 - 9217, 2017-07

Two zinc-aminoclays' in-vitro cytotoxicity assessment in HeLa cells and in-vivo embryotoxicity assay in zebrafish

Chun, Hang-Suk; Park, Duckshin; Lim, Song Eun; Jeong, Kwang-Hun; Park, Ji-Seon; Park, Han-Jin; Kang, Shinyoung; et al, ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY, v.137, pp.103 - 112, 2017-03



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