Determinant in the types of Outside Partnership and Entrepreneurship Orientation

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This paper examines, from the multi-dimension of Entrepreneurship Orientation (EO) perspective, the effect of the constructs of EO on the diversity and intensity of Outside Technological Partnership (OTP) in SME, Korea. Using multiple regression and binary logistic analysis on selected 1,358 firms, we find that each constructs of EO has a different effect on the diversity and intensity of OTP. Innovativeness and risk taking, while pro-activeness is negatively related to the diversity and intensity of OTP, are positively associated with them. From the perspective of relationship between the types of OTP and the constructs of EO, innovativeness affects upstream partnership significantly more than the other constructs. On the other hand, pro-activeness is negatively related to both horizontal and upstream partnership. This study show us a different result from an existing study, which the dimensions of EO are positively correlated (Lumpkin & Dess, 1996), providing that three constructs of EO, each other, show different effects on the dependent variables in the both degree and direction (vector).
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The 57th ICSB World Conference

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