Stride Rate Estimation using UWB Impulse Radar

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In this paper, we proposed a novel algorithm to estimate the stride rate of a human target using UWB impulse radar. The conventional algorithm for estimating the stride rate utilizes the Doppler signatures of the human target. Since UWB impulse radar can not measure the Doppler shift of the human target, we utilize the high range resolution property of UWB impulse radar. The proposed algorithm consists of three steps. In the first step, we use the CLEAN algorithm to obtain the channel impulse response of the human target from the received signal. In the second step, we estimate the torso-arm distance from the channel impulse response. Assuming that the walking human target swings his/her arms back and forth, the torso-arm distance varies with the stride rate. In the third step, we take the peak frequency as the stride rate in the frequency spectrum of the torso-arm distance. The experimental results of the walking human are shown to validate the proposed algorithm.
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The 3rd Asia-Pacific International Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar, pp.900 - 902

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