Attitude maneuver control of flexible spacecraft by observer-based tracking control

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A constraint equation-based control law design for large angle attitude maneuvers of flexible spacecraft is addressed in this paper. The tip displacement of the flexible spacecraft model is prescribed in the form of a constraint equation. The controller design is attempted in the way that the constraint equation is satisfied throughout the maneuver. The constraint equation leads to a two-point boundary value problem which needs backward and forward solution techniques to satisfy terminal constraints. An observer-based tracking control law takes the constraint equation as the input to the dynamic observer. The observer state is used in conjunction with the state feedback control law to have the actual system follow the observer dynamics. The observer-based tracking control law eventually turns into a stabilized system with inherent nature of robustness and disturbance rejection in LQR type control laws.
The Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers
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Flexible Spacecraft Attitude Control; Constrain Equation; Tip Displacement; Two-point Boundary Value Problem; Observer-based Tracking Control Law; LQR


KSME International Journal, Vol.18, No.1, pp.122-131

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