A Zero Voltage Switching Phase Shift Full Bridge Converter with Separated Primary Winding

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Generally additional leakage inductance and two clamp diodes are adopted into the conventional phase shift full bridge (PSFB) converter for reducing the voltage stress of secondary rectifier diodes and extending the range of zero voltage switching (ZVS) operation. However, since additional leakage inductance carries the ac current similar to the primary one, the core and copper loss oriented from additional leakage inductance can be high enough to decrease the whole efficiency of DC/DC converter. Therefore, in this paper, a new ZVS phase shift full bridge converter with separated primary winding (SPW) is proposed. Proposed converter makes the transformer and additional leakage inductor with one ferrite core. Using this method, leakage inductance is controlled by the winding ratio of separated primary winding. Moreover, by manufacturing the both magnetic components with one core, size and core loss can be reduced and it turns out the improvement of efficiency and power density of DC/DC converter. The operational principle of proposed converter is analyzed and verified by the 1.2㎾ prototype.
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2008년 전력전자학술대회, pp.379 - 381

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EE-Conference Papers(학술회의논문)
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