Zero-Voltage Switching Dual Inductor-fed DC-DC Converter Integrated with Parallel Boost Converter

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Novel zero-voltage switching(ZVS) dual inductor-fed DC-DC converter integrating a conventional dual inductor-fed boost converter(DIFBC) and a parallel bidirectional boost converter has been proposed. Most of current-fed type boost topologies including dual inductor schemes have crucial defects such as a high voltage spike on the main switch when it comes to turning off, an unattainable soft start-up due to the limited range of duty ratio, above 50%, and considerable switching losses due to the hard switching. By adding two auxiliary switches and an output capacitor on the conventional DIFBC, the proposed circuit can solve mentioned problems and improve the efficiency with simple methods. The operational principle and theoretical analysis of the proposed converter have been included. Experimental results based on a 42V input, 400V/1A output and 50㎑ prototype are shown to verify the proposed scheme.
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2008년 전력전자학술대회, pp.523 - 525

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EE-Conference Papers(학술회의논문)
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