Effects of sheath gas geometry on aerosol jet patterning and coating

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Aerosol jet printing is one of the methods for patterning conductive or organic materials in printed electronics. In the aerosol jet printing, working materials are formed as aerosol particles by an aerosol generator like an atomizer and aerosol particles are focused by sheath gas flow after jetting with carrier gas. Particle focusing brings high density distribution of printed materials at a printed region due to the concentration of jetting particles. Also, sheath gas controlled aerosol jet printing can achieve a high printing resolution than other jet printing systems such as bubble jet or piezoelectric jet when printing nozzles have the same geometries. In this study, a computational simulation is carried out to investigate particle focusing performance with the aerosol particle motion. Effects on patterning and coating of sheath gas angle and velocity ratio between carrier gas and sheath gas are examined.44879
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International Conference on Flexible and printed Electronics

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