Real-Time Data Pre-Processing Technique for Efficient Feature Extraction in Large Scale Datasets

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Due to the continuous and rampant increase in the size of domain specific data sources, there is a real and sustained need for fast processing in time-sensitive applications, such as medical record information extraction at the point of care, genetic feature extraction for personalized treatment, as well as off-line knowledge discovery such as creating evidence based medicine. Since parallel multi-string matching is at the core of most data mining tasks in these applications, faster on-line matching in static and streaming data is needed to improve the overall efficiency of such knowledge discovery. To solve this data mining need not efficiently handled by traditional information extraction and retrieval techniques, we propose a Block Suffix Shifting-based approach, which is an improvement over the state of the art multi-string matching algorithms such as Aho-Corasick, Commentz-Walter, and Wu-Manber. The strength of our approach is its ability to exploit the different block structures of domain specific data for off-line and online parallel matching. Experiments on several real world datasets show how our approach translates into significant performance improvements.
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17th ACM conference on Information and knowledge management , pp.981 - 990

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