Synthesis of optimal interfaces for hierarchical scheduling with resources

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This paper presents algorithms that (1) facilitate systemindependent synthesis of timing-interfaces for subsystems and (2) system-level selection of interfaces to minimize CPU load. The results presented are developed for hierarchical fixed-priority scheduling of subsystems that may share logical recourses (i.e., semaphores). We show that the use of shared resources results in a tradeoff problem, where resource locking times can be traded for CPU allocation, complicating the problem of finding the optimal interface configuration subject to scheduability. This paper presents a methodology where such a tradeoff can be effectively explored. It first synthesizes a bounded set of interface-candidates for each subsystem, independently of the final system, such that the set contains the interface that minimizes system load for any given system. Then, integrating subsystems into a system, it finds the optimal selection of interfaces. Our algorithms have linear complexity to the number of tasks involved. Thus, o r approach is also suitable for adaptable and reconfigurable systems. ? 2008 IEEE.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
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2008 Real-Time Systems Symposium, RTSS 2008, pp.209 - 220

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