VLM-ST 공정에서 입체 절단을 이용한 대형 물체의 쾌속 제작 Rapid Manufacturing of Large Object by Splitting Solid Model in VLM-ST

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Most companies use technologies such as stereolithography, selective laser sintering, and fused deposition modeling to make parts for such small consumer products as telephones, heads, and shoes. The largest part that the existing RP systems can make is only 600 mm in length. Because most RP systems build parts by depositing, solidifying, or sintering material point-by-point, making larger objects takes a long time. and in many cases, large objects won't fit the build size. A new effective thick-layered RP process. Transfer type Variable Lamination Manufacturing using expandable polystyrene foam (VLM-ST) has been developed with thick layers and sloped surfaces. In this paper, a scaledown model of F16 Fighter with the length of 800 mm is rapidly fabricated using the VLM-ST process. In order to build a CAD model of F16 larger than 600 mm in length, the approach in VLM-ST is to build larger parts in multiple sub-parts and then glue them together. The fabricated result shows that the VLM-ST process employing thick layers and sloped surfaces is adequate for creating the real-sized large objects in the diverse fields such as automobiles, electric home appliances, electronics. and etc.
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한국정밀공학회 춘계학술대회 , pp.50 - 53

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