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Determining and validating smart TV UX factors: A multiple-study approach

Jang, Jincheul; Yi, Mun Yongresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN-COMPUTER STUDIES, v.130, pp.58 - 72, 2019-10

상황인지 기반 스마트 기기 사용 중재를 위한 설득적 인터랙션 제한 방법 및 시스템

이의진researcher; 박준영; 김재정; 김인엽, 2019-09-06

Production planning in a two-level supply chain for production-time-dependent products with dynamic demands

Han, Jun-Hee; Lee, Ju-Yong; Kim, Yeong-Daeresearcher, COMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, v.135, pp.1 - 9, 2019-09

Learning multi-market microstructure from order book data

Ju, Geonhwan; Kim, Kyoung-Kukresearcher; Lim, Dong Young, QUANTITATIVE FINANCE, v.19, no.9, pp.1517 - 1529, 2019-09

Poster: Predicting Opportune Moments for In-vehicle Proactive Speech Services

Kim, Auk; Choi, Woohyeok; Park, Jungmi; Kim, Kyeyoon; Lee, Uichinresearcher, ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp) / ACM International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC), pp.101 - 104, ASSOC COMPUTING MACHINERY, 2019-09

A Combinatorial Benders Decomposition Algorithm for the Directed Multiflow Network Diversion Problem

Lee, Chungmok; Cho, Donghyun; Park, Sungsooresearcher, MILITARY OPERATIONS RESEARCH, v.24, no.1, pp.23 - 39, 2019-09

Sequential and Diverse Recommendation with Long Tail

Kim, Yejin; Kim, Kwangseob; Park, Chanyoungresearcher; Yu, Hwanjo, 28th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, IJCAI 2019, pp.2740 - 2746, International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence, 2019-08-10

Action Space Learning for Heterogeneous User Behavior Prediction

Lee, Dongha; Park, Chanyoungresearcher; Ju, Hyunjun; Hwang, Junyoung; Yu, Hwanjo, 28th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, IJCAI 2019, pp.2830 - 2836, International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence, 2019-08-10

딥러닝을 위한 실험적 평가 기반의 이동경로 데이터 인코딩 방법 비교

강준혁; 김민석; 이재길researcher, 정보과학회 컴퓨팅의 실제 논문지, v.25, no.8, pp.402 - 406, 2019-08

차종별 DTG 데이터를 활용한 운전 행동에 관한 연구

따이랏 팟타라; 윤수식; 이재길researcher, 데이타베이스연구, v.35, no.2, pp.78 - 92, 2019-08

게임과 로봇공학에서의 모델 프리 강화학습 응용에 대한 사례 조사

김세원; 이재길researcher, 데이타베이스연구, v.35, no.2, pp.126 - 138, 2019-08

The Hexagonal Spindle Model for Human Situation Awareness While Autonomous Driving

PARK, DAEHEE; Yoon, Wan-Chulresearcher, HCI International 2019, pp.65 - 75, HCI International, 2019-07-30

Development and validation of a dynamic time warping based algorithm to evaluate motion similarity for home-based fall interventions in older people

Yu, Xiaoqun; Xiong, Shupingresearcher, 10th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics, AHFE, 2019-07-27

Robust quantile estimation under bivariate extreme value models

Kim, Sojung; Kim, Kyoung-Kukresearcher; RYU, HEELANG, 11th Extreme Value Analysis Conference, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 2019-07-03

Scheduling Dual-Armed Cluster Tools for Concurrent Processing of Multiple Wafer Types With Identical Job Flows

Ko, Sung-Gil; Yu, Tae-Sun; Lee, Tae-Eogresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON AUTOMATION SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, v.16, no.3, pp.1058 - 1070, 2019-07

Optimal Intervention under Stress Scenarios: A Case of the Korean Financial System

Ahn, Dohyun; Kim, Kyoung-Kukresearcher, OPERATIONS RESEARCH LETTERS, v.47, no.4, pp.257 - 263, 2019-07

B-rep model simplification using selective and iterative volume decomposition to obtain finer multi-resolution models

Kwon, Soonjo; Mun, Duhwan; Kim, Byung Chul; Han, Soonhung; Suh, Hyo-Wonresearcher, COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN, v.112, pp.23 - 34, 2019-07

Search Personalization in Folksonomy by Exploiting Multiple and Temporal Aspects of User Profiles

Han, Keejun; Yi, Mun Yongresearcher; Kim, Jungeun, IEEE ACCESS, v.7, pp.95610 - 95619, 2019-07

Target-aware convolutional neural network for target-level sentiment analysis

Hyun, Dongmin; Park, Chanyoungresearcher; Yang, Min-Chul; Song, Ilhyeon; Lee, Jung-Tae; Yu, Hwanjo, INFORMATION SCIENCES, v.491, pp.166 - 178, 2019-07

A Dynamic Time Warping Based Algorithm to Evaluate Kinect-Enabled Home-Based Physical Rehabilitation Exercises for Older People

Yu, Xiaoqun; Xiong, Shupingresearcher, SENSORS, v.19, no.13, pp.1 - 17, 2019-07



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