Design of Phase-Shifted Parallel/Series-Output Dual Inductor-Fed Push-Pull Converter for High-Power Step-Up Applications

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A new high-power step-up converter based on the phase-shifted parallel-input/series-output (PISO) modular converter with two dual inductor-fed push-pull converters is proposed. It is operated at a constant duty cycle and the output voltage is controlled with a phase-shift between the modules. It shows an output voltage which is high and linear to the control input, and a low switch turn-off stress resulting in a significant improvement in the efficiency. It also shows low ripple contents, fast dynamics, and low root-mean-square (RMS) currents in the output capacitors. The operation and features are analyzed and the mathematical models are derived. The design guidelines of a closed-loop 50 kHz, 400-1200 W, 18-30 Vdc to 310 Vdc prototype and the experimental results are provided to confirm the validity of the proposed converter.
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Industrial Electronics Society, 2001. IECON '01. The 27th Annual Conference of the IEEE (Volume:2 ), v.2, pp.1249 - 1254

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