Fabrication of Two-dimensional Sub-microstructure through Polymerization

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The formation of patterned structures on micro- or nanometer length scale is essential for the fabrication of many electronic, optical and mechanical devices. Patterning technologies are well established for semiconductors and metals, but are relatively undeveloped for organic polymers with the notable exception of the specialized polymers used in photolithography. Whitesides group was introduced a new powerful technique, ‘soft lithography’, that has been developed as an alternative to photolithography for micro- and nanofabrication. This technique uses a patterned elastomer (usually PDMS) as the mold, stamp, or mask to generate or transfer the pattern. Soft lithography offers immediate advantages over photolithography and other conventional microfabrication techniques. Here we describe a method of patterning polymeric materials based on capillary action in the relief of PDMS stamp. In this technique, patterned polymer is formed directly on substrate and low temperature through polymerization. Using this process, we can generate microstructure of polymer as small as 130nm size.
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2002 한국고분자학회 추계학술발표회

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