MR 감쇠기를 이용한 무릎 관절 의족의 제어Control of an above-knee prosthesis using MR damper

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We proposed the above-knee prosthesis using rotary MR damper in which knee joint is semi-actively controlled by microprocessor. Dissipation torque in the knee joint can be controlled by the magnetic field which is induced by applying current to a solenoid, Tracking control of knee joint angle was tested by 3-DOF Leg simulator. The experimental results show that the proposed above-knee prosthesis system had good performance in swing phase tracking and repetitive controller in conjunction with a computed control law and PD control law, reduced RMS tracking error as the repetitions of tracking. Moreover, desired knee angle trajectory was generated based on the estimation of gait period with the gyro signal and the tracking control was performed.
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제어로봇시스템학회 2000년도 제15차 학술회의, pp.244 - 244

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