Characterization of LiMn2O4 thin films prepared by Liquid Source Misted Chemical Deposition액적화학증착법을 이용한 LiMn2O4 박막 제조 및 특성 분석

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A process called "Liquid Source Misted Chemical Deposition (LSMCD)" was used to prepare LiMn2O4 as a cathode for lithium rechargeable microbatteries and the effect of crystallization temperature on the film properties was investigated by XRD, SEM, cyclic voltammetry, and charge/discharge experiments. When the heat treatment of as-deposited film for crystallization was carried out at 800oC in rapid thermal apparatus (RTA) in the oxygen atmosphere for 5 min, the structural and compositional purity of the deposited film as well as its electrochemical activity were optimized .The prepared LiMn2O4 films exhibited much better electrochemical performance such as cycling ability, the ability of capacity retention, and electrochemical reversibility than LiMn2O4 film deposited by other techniques such as sputtering, laser ablation and sol-gel coating, etc.
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The ACEC 2002 Conference , pp.0 - 0

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