Improved Directional Stability in Traction Control System

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Excessive traction torque while starting on slippery roads and slopes causes the wheels to spin and consequently reduces the directional stability and the traction force. Traction control system can enhance the traction performance by maintaining the slipratio within a proper range. Additional information on the lateral behavior of the vehicle can improve the directional stability during the cornering or lane change on the slippery roads. A new method to measure the mixture of yaw rate and lateral acceleration using the speed difference of non-driven wheels is proposed. Using this measurement, the controller imposes individual pressure to the driven wheels and improves the stability during the cornering or lane change on the slippery road without additional sensors. The proposed method is verified through the simulation based on the 15 degrees of freedom passenger car model
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International Symposium on Advanced Vehicle Control 2000

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ME-Conference Papers(학술회의논문)
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