Design of Flexible PID-Plus Bang-Bang Controller with Neural Network Predictive Model

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PID-type controllers have been well-known and widely used in many industries. Their regulation property of those was more improved through the addition of Bang-Bang-action. In spite of the potentials of these PID-plus Bang-Bang controllers, their regulation property is still limited by the fixed window limit value that determines the control action, i.e., PID or Bang-Bang. Thus, this paper presents an approach for improving the regulation property by dynamically changing the window limit value according to the plant dynamics with Neural Network predictive model. The improved regulation property is illustrated through simulation studies for position control of DC servo-motor system in the sense of classical figures of merit such as overshoot and rise time.
Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
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PID-plus Bang-Bang control; active window; neural network predictive model


IEICE transactions on information and systems ,Vol.E79-D, No.4, pp.357-362

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