Semi-active Steering Wheel for Steer-by-Wire System SAE No.2001-01-3306

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Conventional steering system has a mechanical connection between the driver and the front tires of the vehicle, but in steer-by-wire system, there is no such a connection. Instead, actuators, positioned in the vehicle's front corners receive input from the control module and turn the front wheels accordingly. In steer-by-wire system, steering wheel is an important part that not only transfers driver's steering input to the controller but also provides a road feedback feeling to the driver's hand. Thus the reactive torque actuator, providing road feedback, plays an important role in steer-by-wire system. In conventional steer-by-wire-system, a motor was used as a reactive torque actuator. But using motor has some disadvantages such as an oscillatory feeling, and improper and potentially dangerous acceleration of the steering wheel by the motor when driver's hands are released from steering wheel abruptly. In this study, we developed a semi-active steering wheel with two magneto-rheological brakes used for reactive torque generation to eliminate inherent safety problem of the motor-based active steering wheel.
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Automative and Transportation Technology, pp.0 - 0

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