Using a Scenario for Building Hypermedia Systems

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This paper proposes a (SHDM, scenario-based hypermedia design methodology). The methodology consists of five phases: domain analysis, object modeling, navigation design, implementation design, and construction. Users’requirements are analyzed with a responsibility-driven technology using scenarios. Object-oriented views are generated as the result of object modeling, and then used for the subsequent navigation and implementation design. The implementation design phase deals with database schema, page structure and flow, and user interface. The SHDMTool is built to effectively support design phases. A repository based on IRDS standard is developed to integrate different hypermedia design methodologies. The SHDM integrates enterprise databases with distributed hypermedia systems such as internet, intranet, electronic commerce, and virtual enterprise.
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Informs & Korms, pp.315 - 322

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MT-Conference Papers(학술회의논문)
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