Cross-correlation 해석을 통한 공동의 소음 특성 연구Study on Noise Characteristic of Open Cavity with Cross-Correlation Analysis

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The physical phenomena of rectangular open cavity are numerically investigated in this paper Two-dimensional cavity problems with laminar boundary layers in upstream are simulated by using the compressible Wavier-Stokes equations. The high-order and high-resolution numerical schemes are used for the evaluation of spatial derivatives and the time integration. Cross-correlation is used to analyze the characteristics of wave propagation along time and spatial. Sudden phase shifting of 90 degrees is appeared near downstream edge, and this is coincident with the phase lag suggested in original Rossiter's equation. The results give a further understanding of the physical phenomenon of noise generation, and the resonance of flow and acoustic in cavity. Moreover, modified Rossiter's equation, which is more accurate and can be applied in various conditions, is suggested. The distance from the point of vortex generation to the point of vortex collapsing acts as effective distance of cavity resonance, and the phase difference between the point of vortex collapsing and the point of acoustic source acts as phase lag. The mechanism of acoustic generation is fully understood in this paper. The mechanism of acoustic generation is fully understood in this paper.
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대한기계학회 2002년도 학술대회, pp.755 - 758

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