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Ultimate Resisting Capacity of Slender RC Columns Subject to Long-term Biaxial Bending

Kwak, Hyo-Gyoungresearcher; Kwak, JH, 5th European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering, pp.88 - 88, 2008-07

Ultimate Resisting Capacity Reduction Factor in Slender RC Columns

Kwak, Hyo-Gyoungresearcher; Kim, JK, Proceedings of the Fifth World Congress on Computational Mechanics, pp.570 - 570, 2002-07

Ultimate Strength of RC Cooling Tower Shells Subjected to Temperature Gradient and Wind Loads

Choi, Chang Koon, The First Tokyo University-KAIST Bilateral Seminar on Construction Technology, 1998

UltraClean process as a package-type advanced wastewater treatment system: experiment and model assisted in investigation

Shin, Hang-Sikresearcher; Jeong, HS; Lee, SH; Shin, HD, IWA Future of Urban Wastewater Systems - Decentralization and Reuse, IWA, 2005-05

UltraCLEAN 공정의 운전 조건이 질소 및 인의 제거 효율에 미치는 영향 평가

신항식researcher; 정형석; 이상형, 2004 autumn conference of the KSCE, KSCE, 2004-10

Ultrasonic measurement of cylindrical rock specimens: engineering modulus interpretation

Cha, M.S; Cho, Gye-Chunresearcher, The 27th Symposium on Ultrasonic Electronics, 2006-11-15

Ultrasonic p-wave monitoring of co2 hydrate growth in sands

Han, Gyeol; Kwon, Tae Hyukresearcher, The Twenty-Eight KKHTCNN Symposium on Civil Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, 2015-11-16

Ultrasonic p-wave monitoring of CO2 hydrate growth in sands

Han, Gyeol; Kwon, Tae-Hyukresearcher, The 28th KKHTCNN Symposium on Civil Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, 2015-11-16

Ultrasonic wave attenuation measurement for nondestructive evaluation of concrete

Yim, H.J.; Kim, J.H.; Kwak, Hyo-Gyoungresearcher, Nondestructive Characterization for Composite Materials, Aerospace Engineering, Civil Infrastructure, and Homeland Security 2010, 2010-03-08

Ultrasonic Wave Attenuation Technique for Nondestructive Testing on Damaged Concrete Structure

Kwak, Hyo-Gyoungresearcher; Yim, HJ; Kim, JH, the 22th KKCNN Symposium on Civil Engineering(`KKCNN09), 2009-10

Ultrasonic-based Concrete Crack Depth Assessment Incorporating Principal Component Analysis Associative Neural Networks

Yun, Chung Bangresearcher, The Proceedings of the 8th Conference on Motion and Vibration Control (MOVIC 2006), pp.0 - 0, MOVIC, 2006-08-01

UMBR(Upllow MuRi Layer Bio Reactor)/Oxic Process 를 이용한 생물학적 질소처리에서 유입수의 COD/N비와 내부반송비가 미치는 영향

신항식researcher; 서창원; 이상형; 정형석; 권중천, 2003 spring conference of the KSEE, KSEE, 2003

Under-Paint Corrosion Detection using Laser Thermography and Image Processing

Sohn, Hoonresearcher; Hwang, Soonkyu; Park, Jiho, The 2nd Conference on Quantitative InfraRed Thermography, QIRT-Asia, 2017-07-06

Underground construction in decomposed residual soils

Lee, I.M.; Cho, Gye-Chunresearcher, 6th International Symposium on Geotechnical Aspects of Underground Construction in Soft Ground, IS-SHANGHAI 2008, pp.45 - 63, 2008-04-10

Understanding a reference-free impedance method using collocated PZT transducers

Kim, Eun Jin; Kim, Min Koo; Sohn, Hoonresearcher; Park, Hyun Woo, SPIE International Symposia, Smart Structures & Materials and Nondestructive Evaluation for Health Monitoring and Diagnostics, SPIE, 2010-03-07

Understanding of silty fines migration in hydrate-bearing sediments during depressurization

Han, Gyeol; Kwon, Tae-Hyukresearcher; Lee, Joo Yong; Timothy J. Kneafsey, Natural Gas Hydrate Systems (GRS), Gordon Research Conference, 2018-02-24

Understanding the Human Behavior in the Traffic Accident using Data Mining Framework

Yoon, Yoonjinresearcher; Kwon, Ohoon, INFORMS 2012 Annual Meeting, Institute for Operations Researcb and Management Sciences, 2012-10-17

Understanding the reciprocity of lamb waves induced by active sensors

Park, Hyun Woo; Kim, Seung Bum; Sohn, Hoonresearcher, Proceedings of KSIAM Annual meeting, KSIAM, 2005-11-25

Underwater Object Detection and Pose Estimation using Deep Learning

Jeon, MyungHwan; Lee, Yeongjun; Shin, Young-Sik; Kim, Ayoungresearcher, 12th IFAC Conference on Control Applications in Marine Systems, Robotics, and Vehicles (CAMS), pp.78 - 81, IFAC, 2019-09-18

Unequally spaced non-periodic B-spline finite strip method

Choi, Chang Koon, APCS, pp.379 - 386, 2000


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