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P and S wave responses of bacterial biopolymer formation in unconsolidated porous media

Noh, Dong-Hwa; Ajo-Franklin, Jonathan; Kwon, Tae-Hyukresearcher; Muhunthan, Balasingam, JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-BIOGEOSCIENCES, v.121, no.4, pp.1158 - 1177, 2016-04

P- and S- wave monitoring of insoluble biopolymer accumulation by Leuconostic mesentroids in fine sands

Kwon, Tae-Hyukresearcher; Noh, Dong-Hwa, KKHTCNN symposium on civil engineering, Tongji University, 2014-11-10

P-Delta effect of slender RC columns under seismic load

Kwak, Hyo-Gyoungresearcher; Kim, JK, ENGINEERING STRUCTURES, v.29, no.11, pp.3121 - 3133, 2007-11

P-delta 효과를 고려한 건물의 효율적인 구조해석 = Simplified p-delta effect analysis for builing structureslink

조지성; Jo, Ji-Seong; et al, 한국과학기술원, 1993

p-Version Infinite Elements for Analyzing various geotechnical problems of unbounded domains

Lee, Seung Raeresearcher; Koh, K.H; Kim, T.Y, Asia-Pacific Conference on Computational Mechanics, Serial. 4th, pp.743 - 748, 1999-12

p-version static infinite element for representing 1/r(n) type decay problems in unbounded media

Koh, KH; Lee, Seung Raeresearcher, COMPUTERS AND GEOTECHNICS, v.22, no.1, pp.73 - 89, 1998

P-wave velocity estimation of unconsolidated sediments containing CO2

Kim, Haksung; Oh, Tae-Min; Cho, Gye-Chunresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GREENHOUSE GAS CONTROL, v.33, pp.18 - 26, 2015-02

P-Δ효과를 고려한 RC 기둥의 극한저항력 산정

곽효경researcher; 김진국; 김한수, 한국전산구조공학회논문집, v.15, no.1, pp.105 - 116, 2002-03

PACAS 공법에 의한 6가크롬을 함유한 폐수의 처리 = Treatment of wastewater containing hexavalent chromium by powdered activated carbon activated sludge (PACAS)systemlink

백병천; Paik, Byong-Chon; 구자공researcher; 이상은; et al, 한국과학기술원, 1987

PACAS 공법에 의한 크롬 폐수처리의 실험적 연구

이상은; 신항식researcher; 백병천, 대한환경공학회지, v.9, no.1, pp.1027 - 1037, 1987

Paired Structured Light for Structural Health Monitoring Robot System

Myung, Hyun; Lee, Seungmok; Lee, Bumjoo, Structural Health Monitoring, 2010-03-23

Palpation simulator with stable haptic feedback

Kim, Sang-Youn; Ryu, Jee-Hwanresearcher; Lee, WooJeong, MINIMALLY INVASIVE THERAPY & ALLIED TECHNOLOGIES, v.24, no.4, pp.211 - 217, 2015

Parallel programming of a peridynamics code coupled with finite element method

Lee, Jooeun; Oh, Seong Eun; Hong, Jung-Wukresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FRACTURE, v.203, no.1-2, pp.99 - 114, 2017-01

Parallelization of a finite element Fortran code using OpenMP library

Oh, Seong Eun; Hong, Jung-Wukresearcher, ADVANCES IN ENGINEERING SOFTWARE, v.104, pp.28 - 37, 2017-02

Parallelization of FEAP based on openMP

Oh, Seong Eun; Hong, Jung Wuk, KKHTCNN, Chulalongkorn University, 2015-11-17

Parallization of a Peridynamic Code Using OPENMP for Dynamic Fracture Simulation

Lee, Jooeun; Oh, Seong eun; Hong, Jung-Wukresearcher, World Congress on Computational Mechanics, 한국전산역학회, 2016-07-25

Parameter Estimation for NGSIM Freeway Flow Algorithm

Yeo, Hwasooresearcher; Skabardonis, Alexander, 10th International Conference on Applications of Advanced Technologies in Transportation, 2008-05-28

Parameter estimation for wavelet transformed ultrasonic signals

White, Andrew; Hong, Jung-Wukresearcher; Hong, Soonsung; Choi, Jongeun, NDT E INTERNATIONAL, v.44, no.1, pp.32 - 40, 2011-01

Parameter estimation of a rate-dependent damage constitutive model for damage-tolerant brittle composites by Self-OPTIM analyses

Shang, Shen; Yun, Gun Jin; Kim, Bong-Rae; Lee, Haeng-Kiresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DAMAGE MECHANICS, v.22, no.5, pp.699 - 718, 2013-07

Parameter estimation of the generalized extreme value distribution for structural health monitoring

Park, Hyun Woo; Sohn, Hoonresearcher, PROBABILISTIC ENGINEERING MECHANICS, v.21, no.4, pp.366 - 376, 2006-10


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