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Performance of microbial fuel cell with volatile fatty acids from food wastes

Choi, Jin-Dal-Rae; Chang, Ho-Nam; Han, Jong-Inresearcher, BIOTECHNOLOGY LETTERS, v.33, no.4, pp.705 - 714, 2011-04

Performance of packed-bed bioreactors for the cometabolic degradation of trichloroethylene by phenol-oxidizing microorganisms

Shin, Hang-Sikresearcher; Lim, J.L., ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY, v.17, no.12, pp.1351 - 1359, 1996

Performance of Pilot-scale H2 fermenter: C/N ratio effect and alkaline shock treatment

Shin, Hang-Sikresearcher; Kim, DH; Kim, SH; Han, SK, The Biohydrogen Technology Symposium and the 3rd Int. Workshop on Innovative Anaerobic Technology, 2005-12

Performance of pilot-scale H2 fermenter: C/N ration effect and alkaline shock treatment

Kim, D.H; Kim, S.H; Han, S.K; Shin, Hang-Sikresearcher, JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT, v.16, no.5, pp.327 - 331, 2006

Performance of Pilot-scale Hydrogen Fermenter: Effect of C/N ratio and Alkaline Shock Treatment

Shin, Hang-Sikresearcher; Kim, DH; Kim, SH; Han, SK, IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition, 2006-09

Performance of Pilot-scale UASB Treating Wastewater of Acid Fermenter

신항식researcher, Proc. of KSCE, 1997

Performance of sulfite/Fe(III)EDTA fuel cell: Power from waste in flue gas desulfurization process

Cheon, Seonjeong; Kim, Kwiyong; Yoon, Hyung Chul; Han, Jong-Inresearcher, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, v.375, 2019-11

Performance of temperature phased anaerobic digestion in codigestion of sewage sludge and food waste

신항식researcher, 2003 autumn conference of KSSE, KSSE, 2003

Performance of UASB Reactor Treating an Acidified Leachate from Food Waste

Shin, Hang-Sikresearcher, 9th KAIST-KU-NTU-NUS Joint Seminar on Environmental Engineering, 1999

Performance of UASB Reactor Treating Leachate from Acidogenic Fermentation of Food Waste

신항식researcher; 한선기; 김상현; 윤종호, 유기물자원화, v.8, no.4, pp.78 - 85, 2000-01

Performance of UASB reactor treating leachate from acidogenic fermenter in the two-phase anaerobic digestion of food waste

Shin, Hang-Sikresearcher; Han, SK; Song, YC; Lee, CY, WATER RESEARCH, v.35, no.14, pp.3441 - 3447, 2001

Peridynamics: From the Bond-based Approach to the State-based Formulation

오성은; 홍정욱researcher, 2017년 KSCM 가을 워크샵, 한국전산역학회, 2017-09-01

Periodic Nonlinear Waves Resulting from the Contact Interaction of a Crack

Lee, Sang Eon; Jin, Suyeong; Hong, Jung-Wukresearcher, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, v.122, no.12, 2017-09

Permeable CNT hollow-fiber membrane as a facile strategy for electrocatalytic syngas production from CO2

Lee, Mi-Young; Kang, Seoktaeresearcher; Kwon, Yeongguk, ACS Fall 2019 National Meeting & Exposition, American Chemical Society, 2019-08-29

Permeate CNT cathode for enhanced methane conversion efficiency in microbial electrosynthesis system

Kang, Seoktaeresearcher; HAN, SEUNGYEOB; Jeong, Guryun; Kang, Jeongwan, 4th Interantional Conference on Alternative Fuels, Energy and Environment (ICAFEE):Future and Challenges, FengChia University, 2019-10-19

Perspectives of Water Supply Management

Hang Sik Shinresearcher; Se Yong Nam, ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH, v.6, no.1, pp.39 - 47, 2001-03

Persulfate based pretreatment to enhance the enzymatic digestibility of rice straw

Ahmed, Muhammad Ajaz; Seo, Yeong Hwan; Teran-Hilares, Ruly; Rehman, Muhammad Saif U. R.; Han, Jong-Inresearcher, BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY, v.222, pp.523 - 526, 2016-12

PFC를 이용한 입자 형상에 따른 입자 파쇄 및 전단거동 전개

조선아; 조계춘researcher; 이석원, 한국지반공학회논문집, v.25, no.10, pp.41 - 53, 2009-10

pH control enables simultaneous enhancement of nitrogen retention and N2O reduction in Shewanella loihica strain PV-4

Kim, Hayeon; Park, Doyoung; Yoon, Sukhwanresearcher, FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY, v.8, pp.1820, 2017-09

pH control enables simultaneous reduction of nitrogen loss and $N_2O$ emission in cultures of Shewanella loihica strain PV-4 = pH가 Shewanella loihica strain PV-4의 질소 이화 메커니즘과 토양 속 질소 손실 및 $N_2O$ 방출 감소에 미치는 영향에 대한 연구link

Kim, Ha-Yeon; Yoon, Sukhwan; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2017


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