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Probabilistic Analysis of Unsaturated Soil Slope Instability Induced by Rainfall Infiltration

Lee, Seung Raeresearcher; Choi, J.C., 18th KKCNN Symposium on Civil Engineering, pp.853 - 862, KKCNN, 2005-12

Probabilistic damage localization using embedded piezoelectric sensor networks

Yeum, Chul Min; Sohn, Hoonresearcher, The 2nd UiTM-KAIST Symposium on Urban Engineering and Sustainability, UiTM-KAIST Symposium, 2008-03-31

Probabilistic forecasting method for concrete creep prognosis under model-form uncertainty

Jin, Seung-Seop; Jung, Hyung-Joresearcher, Asia Pacific Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management Society, KSNVE, 2017-07-13

Probabilistic relationship between Q-value and electrical resistivity

Cho, Gye-Chunresearcher; Ryu, H.H.; Oh, T.M.; Lee, K.R., Tunnelling and Underground Space Construction for Sustainable Development (TU-Seoul 2013), Korean Tunnelling and Underground Space Association, 2013-03-18

Probabilistic relationship between Q-value and electrical resistivity

Ryu, Hee-Hwan; Oh, Tae-Min; Cho, Gye-Chunresearcher; Kim, Kyoung-Yul; Lee, Kang-Ryel; Lee, Dae-Soo, KSCE JOURNAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING, v.18, no.3, pp.780 - 786, 2014-04

Probabilistic rock mass rating estimation using electrical resistivity

Hong, Chang-Ho; Ryu, Hee-Hwan; Oh, Tae-Min; Cho, Gye-Chunresearcher, KSCE JOURNAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING, v.24, no.7, pp.2224 - 2231, 2020-07

Probabilistic slope stability assessment considering uncertainties in hydraulic soil parameters of 1-d infiltration model = 1차원 침투 모델에 사용되는 지반 물성의 불확실성을 고려한 확률론적 사면 안정 해석link

Hien, Ta Xuan; 히엔, 다 수완; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2010

Procedures of Adaptive Crack Propagation Analysis for Element-Free Galerkin Method

Choi, Chang Koon, Proceedings of the 13th KKNN Symposium on Civil Engineering, pp.139 - 146, 2000

Proceedings of COSEIK Symposium-Fall

최창근, Proceedings of Korean Society for Railway, pp.450 - 457, 1999

Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering: Introduction

Tomizuka, M; Yun, Chung Bangresearcher; Giurgiutiu, V; Lynch ,JP, Sensors and Smart Structures Technologies for Civil, Mechanical, and Aerospace Systems 2010, 2010-03-08

Process optimization for cultivation and harvesting of microalgae: light and nutrients for growth and chitosan for harvesting = 미세조류 배양 및 수확을 위한 공정 최적화: 성장을 위한 빛과 영양분 조절 및 수확을 위한 키토산 처리link

Rashid, Naim; Rashid, Naim; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2013

Process optimization for microalgal harvesting and lipid extraction : development of chemical and electrochemical harvesting, lipid extraction processes and their integration process = 미세조류 수확 및 지질추출을 위한 공정최적화: 화학적, 전기화학적 수확, 추출공정 및 수확/추출 통합공정의 개발link

Kim, Dong Yeon; 김동연; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2015

Processibility on ECC(Engineered Cementitious Composites) Produced With Slag Particles

Kim, Jin-Keunresearcher, CET Symposium

Producing desulfurized biogas through removal of sulfate in the first-stage of a two-stage anaerobic digestion

Yun, Yeo-Myeong; Sung, Shihwu; Shin, Hang-Sikresearcher; Han, Jong-Inresearcher; Kim, Hyun-Woo; Kim, Dong-Hoon, BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOENGINEERING, v.114, no.5, pp.970 - 979, 2017-05

Product analysis during reductive degradation of RDX by lepidocrocite and iron reducing bacteria with riboflavin

Lee, Yoonhwa; Bae, Sungjun; Kwon, Manjae; Lee, Woojinresearcher, ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, v.246, 2013-09

Product analysis during reductive degradation of RDX by lepidocrocite and iron reducing bacteria with riboflavin

Lee. Y; Bae. S; Kwon. M; Lee, Woojinresearcher, The 246th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, The 246th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, 2013-09-08

Production of Nitrous Oxide from Nitrite in Stable Type II Methanotrophic Enrichments

Myung, Jaewookresearcher; Wang, Zhiyue; Yuan, Tong; Zhang, Ping; Van Nostrand, Joy D.; Zhou, Jizhong; Criddle, Craig S., ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, v.49, no.18, pp.10969 - 10975, 2015-09

Productivity improvement of microalgal biofuel using sodium bicarbonate($NaHCO_3$) = 중탄산나트륨을 이용한 미세조류 기반 바이오연료 생산성 향상 연구link

Jo, Ara; Han, Jong In; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2018

Profile and Frictional Capacity of a Mooring Line Embedded in Sand via Centrifuge Model Testing

Lee, Hoonyong; Kim, Dong-Sooresearcher; Choo, Yun Wook, JOURNAL OF GEOTECHNICAL AND GEOENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING, v.140, no.10, 2014-10

Propagation and attenuation characteristics of various ground vibrations

김동수researcher; 이진선, SOIL DYNAMICS AND EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING, v.19, no.2, pp.115 - 126, 2000-02


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