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Simple Approach for Evaluation of Abrasive Mixing Efficiency for Abrasive Waterjet Rock Cutting

Cha, Yohan; Oh, Tae-Min; Hwang, Hyun-Joong; Cho, Gye-Chunresearcher, APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL, v.11, no.4, 2021-02

Novel Hydroxyapatite Beads for the Adsorption of Radionuclides from Decommissioned Nuclear Power Plant Sites

Tran, Thi Nhung; Kim, Junho; Park, Joo-Sung; Chung, Youngkun; Han, Jaemun; Oh, Seungjun; Kang, Seoktaeresearcher, APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL, v.11, no.4, pp.1746, 2021-02

Dark Synthetic Vision: Lightweight Active Vision to Navigate in the Dark

Kim, Joowan; Jeon, Myung-Hwan; Cho, Younggun; Kim, Ayoungresearcher, IEEE ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION LETTERS, v.6, no.1, pp.143 - 150, 2021-01

Passivity Controller Based on Load-Side Damping Assignment for High Stiffness Controlled Series Elastic Actuators

Lee, Hyunwook; Ryu, Jee-Hwanresearcher; Lee, Jinoh; Oh, Sehoon, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS, v.68, no.1, pp.871 - 881, 2021-01

Effects of silica aerogel inclusion on the stability of heat generation and heat-dependent electrical characteristics of cementitious composites with CNT

Jang, Daeik; Yoon, Hyun No; Seo, Joonho; Lee, Haeng-Kiresearcher; Kim, G. M., CEMENT & CONCRETE COMPOSITES, v.115, pp.103861, 2021-01

Liquefaction evaluation using frequency characteristics of acceleration records in KAIST centrifuge tests for LEAP

Manandhar, Satish; Kim, Seong-Nam; Ha, Jeong-Gon; Ko, Kil-Wan; Lee, Moon-Gyo; Kim, Dong-Sooresearcher, SOIL DYNAMICS AND EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING, v.140, 2021-01

Interfacial Shearing Behavior along Xanthan Gum Biopolymer-Treated Sand and Solid Interfaces and Its Meaning in Geotechnical Engineering Aspects

Lee, Minhyeong; Im, Jooyoung; Cho, Gye-Chunresearcher; Ryu, Hee Hwan; Chang, Ilhan, APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL, v.11, no.1, pp.139, 2021-01

Estimation of silicon wafer coating thickness using ultrasound generated by femtosecond laser

Liu, Peipei; Yi, Kiyoon; Sohn, Hoonresearcher, Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation, Diagnostics and Prognostics of Engineering Systems, v.4, no.1, pp.1 - 21, 2021-01

Hydration of calcium sulfoaluminate cement blended with blast-furnace slag

Yoon, Hyun No; Seo, Joonho; Kim, Seonhyeok; Lee, Haeng-Kiresearcher; Park, Solmoi, CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS, v.268, pp.121214, 2021-01

Analytical model to parameterize the adiabatic temperature rise of concrete

Jeong, Dong Jin; Kim, Taehwan; Ryu, Jong-Hyun; Kim, Jae Hongresearcher, CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS, v.268, pp.121656, 2021-01

Assessment of barrier location effect on debris flow based on smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) simulation on 3D terrains

Choi, Shin-Kyu; Park, Joon-Young; Lee, Deuk-Hwan; Lee, Seung-Raeresearcher; Kim, Yun-Tae; Kwon, Tae-Hyukresearcher, LANDSLIDES, v.18, no.1, pp.217 - 234, 2021-01

Comment on“A Critical Review on Nitrous Oxide Production by Ammonia-Oxidizing Archaea” by Lan Wu, Xueming Chen, Wei Wei, Yiwen Liu, Dongbo Wang, and Bing-Jie Ni

Stein, Lisa Y; Klotz, Martin G; Lancaster, Kyle M; Nicol, Graeme W; Qin, Wei; Schleper, C; Stahl, David; et al, Environmental Science and Technology, v.55, no.1, pp.797 - 798, 2021-01

Thermomechanical behavior of alkali-activated slag/fly ash composites with PVA fibers exposed to elevated temperatures

Kim, J.S.; Lee, Haeng-Kiresearcher, ADVANCES IN CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION, v.11, no.1, pp.11 - 18, 2021-01

Inertial Microfluidics-Based Separation of Microalgae Using a Contraction-Expansion Array Microchannel

Kim, Ga-Yeong; Son, Jaejung; Han, Jong-Inresearcher; Park, Je-Kyunresearcher, MICROMACHINES, v.12, no.1, pp.97, 2021-01

Facile Synthesis of Sprayed CNTs Layer-Embedded Stretchable Sensors with Controllable Sensitivity

Khalid, Hammad R.; Choudhry, Iqra; Jang, Daeik; Abbas, Nadir; Haider, M. Salman; Lee, H. K.researcher, POLYMERS, v.13, no.2, pp.311, 2021-01

The Effects of NaOH Concentration on the Hydrothermal Synthesis of a Hydroxyapatite-Zeolite Composite Using Blast Furnace Slag

Ryu, Geunu; Khalid, Hammad R.; Lee, Namkon; Wang, Zhen; Lee, Haeng-Kiresearcher, MINERALS, v.11, no.1, pp.21, 2021-01

A Study on Travel Time Estimation of Diverging Traffic Stream on Highways Based on Timestamp Data

Kim, Sunghoon; Yu, Hwapyeong; Yeo, Hwasooresearcher, JOURNAL OF ADVANCED TRANSPORTATION, v.2021, 2021-01

Flexural analysis of transverse joints of prefabricated T-girder bridge superstructure

Kye, Seungkyung; Jung, Hyung-Joresearcher; Park, Sun-Kyu, STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING AND MECHANICS, v.77, no.1, pp.89 - 102, 2021-01

Emerging technologies for sustainable transportation system

Yeo, Hwasooresearcher; Ge, Ying-en; Jang, Kitaeresearcher; Xu, Meng; Sze, Tony, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORTATION, v.15, no.5, pp.323 - 324, 2021

Porosity evaluation of additive manufactured parts: ultrasonic testing and eddy current testing

Park, Seong-Hyun; Jhang, Kyung Young; Yoon, HS; Sohn, Hoonresearcher, 비파괴검사학회지, v.41, no.1, pp.1 - 10, 2021


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