Intelligent wireless EV fast charging with SMFIR® Technology

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While introducing electric vehicles (EVs) into the massive market volume is important for the global environmental protection and reduced dependence on the petroleum depletion, the customers' acceptance on electric vehicles is one of critical elements toward future eco-friendly transportation. Transportation sectors are responsible for approximately 25% of global CO2 emissions. One of the major issues in market penetration of electric vehicles is establishing enough numbers of charging stations in view of customers' convenience. Wireless and fast charging system can contribute significantly to establishing charging stations for EV with improved safety and convenience. Applying the shaped magnetic field in resonance (SMFIR�) technology enables the EV battery charging wirelessly without having any plug or wire. The power capacity can be high enough to reduce the charging time to less than half an hour depending on the energy storage capacity of battery. In this paper, the main features of intelligent wireless EV fast charging system operating at stationary are described with the technical aspect of system architecture including the development of billing and center operational management system.
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Journal of Integrated Design and Process Science, v.15, no.3, pp.3 - 12

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