On-road electrification for optimized power supply in OLEV® application

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As a solution to the battery issues in EV (Electric Vehicles) introduction to the market, KAIST has introduced the new concept of electric charging technology, an OLEV? (On-Line Electric Vehicle) system. The magnetic resonance phenomena with optimized inductive magnetic shape has been applied to maximize the power transmission efficiency with enough power capacity to drive the traction motors, so that EVs can be charged while the vehicle is in motion or at stationary. Optimized construction of road electrification is required to implement this technology in view of minimizing the road infrastructure investment while maintaining enough charged energy storage for continuous operation of EVs. The design variables for OLEV? applications includes the battery energy capacity, powered track length and traction motor size under given operation conditions of closed operation travel route, vehicle specification, battery specification and traction motor performance etc. In this paper, an algorithm and program development process is presented focused on optimizing the design variables in road electrification as well as the EV specification in closed route application. The optimization process is to minimize the road electrification so that EVs are capable of operating continuously and can have enough instantaneous required power by applying simulation on several standard driving cycles. Considered factors includes required instantaneous power, collected power from on-road power supply, required vehicle performance, battery charge and discharge rates, and battery SOC (State Of Charge). Locations and distances of the powered tracks have been determined in the view of required electric energy and instantaneous required power for a normal vehicle operation in an actual road application and on a standard driving cycle.
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Journal of Integrated Design and Process Science, v.15, no.3, pp.13 - 27

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