Study on the value based market segmentation method: Empirical study of Korean mobile handset market

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We suggest a value market segmentation method for high-tech markets. Our research scope is the mobile handset market, which has the technology characteristics of a high-tech industry such as short cycle innovations, short technology development periods, and quick changes in customer needs. Thus, researchers and company strategists would use value or benefit segmentation method for high-tech market segmenting, because the characteristics may react to frequent changes. A value based market segmenting items are stable items for a long time, and so precisely explain customer needs. Specially, values related with product's attributes have been shown to be more powerful items. In this paper, we try to show the superiority of a value market segmentation method through a Korean mobile handset market empirical case study.
Advanced Institute of Convergence IT
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Advances in Information Sciences and Service Sciences, v.4, no.11, pp.94 - 102

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