Zero placement of the asymmetric S-curve profile to minimize the residual vibration잔류진동 저감을 위한 비대칭 S-curve 프로파일의 영점 배치법

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Robust tuning rules of the motion profile are proposed to minimize the residual vibration. For asymmetric S-curve profile, tuning rules are analytically formulated using Laplace-domain approach. When the system modeling is known exactly, by placing a single zero of the motion profile on the pole of the system, the residual vibration can be perfectly eliminated under undamped system. However, if there are some amounts of the modeling errors, the residual vibration significantly increases. To track this issue, the robust tuning rules against modeling error are discussed. One of the proposed robust tuning rules is placing the multiple zeros of the motion profile on the pole of the system, and the other is placing the zeros of the motion profile around the pole of the system. Thanks to the proposed robust tuning rules, motion profile becomes more robust to modeling errors while minimizing the residual vibration. By simulation, the effectiveness of the proposed robust tuning rules is verified. © ICROS 2012.
Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems
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Journal of Institute of Control, v.18, no.4, pp.308 - 313

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