A benchmarking study for reforming a Korean water department

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This study is aimed at developing internal reform plans for a water department of Seoul City by benchmarking it with selected best practices of the world. At first a performance indicator system was developed to logically evaluate concerns, problems, and issues of the Seoul water department. Since it is typical of Korean water services providers, the Seoul water department was selected while Tokyo’s in Japan and Denver’s in America were selected since they were considered as best practices of public waterworks much similar in governing structure to the one in Seoul. The results of benchmarking concluded that Seoul has traditionally been emphasizing more on “being a good public servant” providing drinking water services, and should be reformed in directions emphasizing ‘entrepreneurship’ to overcome its current limitations. Based on the results, a road map to reform the Seoul water department was established. Since it is typical in Korea, the reform plans and road map established were further recommended for reforming other drinking water services providers in Korea.
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Drinking water service provider; benchmarking; performance indicator


Water Science and Technology:Water Supply, Vol.5, No.2, pp.9-15

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