Identification of a cellulase producing marine Bacillus sp. GC-1 and GC-4 isolated from Coastal Seawater of Jeju Island제주 연안의 해수로부터 분리한 Cellulase 생산균 Bacillus sp. GC-1과 GC-4의 동정

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Two Gram positive bacterial strains, designated strain GC-1 and GC-4, were isolated from coastal seawater near Jeju Island in the Republic of Korea. The two strains were identified as members of the genus Bacillus, based on 16S rRNA gene sequencing and data for physiological characteristics analyses. A subtle difference in physiological and genotypical characteristics has led us to designate the strains GC-1 and GC-4. The strain GC-1 showed a 99.91% similarity in 16S rRNA gene sequencing with B. tequiliensis and B. subtilis subsp. inaquosorum and the strain GC-4 showed a 100% similarity in 16S rRNA gene sequencing with those of B. altitudinis, B. stratosphericus, and B. aerophilus. However, both strains exhibited different physiological and genotypical characteristics in many aspects from those of their phylogenetically closest neighbors listed above, which implies that genus Bacillus has diversified into various species during its evolutionary process.
Korean Society for Microbiolog and Biotechnology
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Korean Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, v.39, no.2, pp.97 - 103

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