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11 Growth of torsion groups of elliptic curves over number fields without rationally defined CM

Im, Bo-Haeresearcher; Kim, HanSol
ACADEMIC PRESS INC ELSEVIER SCIENCE, vol. 258, pp. 1 - 21, 2024-05

12 Growth of torsion subgroups of elliptic curves over number fields without rationally defined CM

Im, Bo-Haeresearcher; Kim, Hansol
Academic Press, vol. 258, no. 5, pp. 1 - 21, 2024-05

13 Heat vulnerability and spatial equity of cooling center: Planning implications from the Korean case

Lee, Jisun; Han, Albert Tonghoonresearcher
Elsevier, vol. 55, 2024-05

14 Single domain generalizable and physically interpretable bearing fault diagnosis for unseen working conditions

Kim, Iljeok; Kim, Sung Wook; Kim, Jeongsan; Huh, Hyunsuk; Jeong, Iljoo; Choi, Taegyu; Kim, Jeongchan; Lee, Seungchulresearcher

15 Voices of transitions: Korea's online news media and user comments on the energy transition

Kim, Byungjun; Yang, Soeun; Kim, Hanaresearcher
Elsevier Ltd, vol. 187, 2024-04

16 Mutual interaction of a collapsing bubble and a nearby viscoelastic solid

Moon, Jihoo; Mahravan, Ehsan; Kim, Daegyoumresearcher
American Physical Society, 2024-04

17 Cardiovascular hardware simulator and artificial aorta-generated central blood pressure waveform database according to various vascular ages for cardiovascular health monitoring applications

Jeong, Jae-Hak; Lee, Bomi; Hong, Junki; Min, Changhee; Persad, Adelle Ria; Yang, Tae-Heon; Park, Yong-Hwaresearcher
Pergamon-Elsevier Science LTD, vol. 172, 2024-04

18 Low-order modelling of three-dimensional surface waves in liquid film flow on a rotating disk

Kim, Dong Ju; Kim, Daegyoumresearcher
Cambridge University Press, 2024-04

19 Recent technical advancements in ARPES: Unveiling quantum materials

Lim, Chan-young; Kim, Sunghun; Jung, Sung Won; Hwang, Jinwoong; Kim, Yeong Kwanresearcher
ELSEVIER, vol. 60, pp. 43 - 56, 2024-04

20 Facile and sustainable methane storage via clathrate hydrate formation with low dosage promoters in a sponge matrix

Kang, Dong Woo; Lee, Wonhyeong; Ahn, Yun-Ho; Kim, Kwangbum; Lee, Jae Wooresearcher

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