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F-16 록히드 마틴 표준 시편의 펄스-에코 초음파전파영상화 시스템을 활용한 검사 결과

Hong, Seungchan; Abetew, Ayalsew Dagnew; Lee, Jung Ryulresearcher; Back, Seil, 2016년 한국복합재료학회 하계워크샵, 한국복합재료학회, 2016-08

F-algebra M of analytic functions

Kim, Hong Ohresearcher, pp.43 - 46, 1996-07-01

F-P LD 주입을 통한 스펙트럼 분할된 다중 광출력의 모드 분할 잡음 감소 방안

이창희researcher; 이훈근; 이혁재, 2007 광자기술학술회의, pp.F3B - 4, 2007

F-TCP: Light-weight TCP for file transfer in high bandwidth-delay product networks

Chuh Y.; Kim J.researcher; Song Y.; Park D., 11th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems Workshops, ICPADS 2005, v.1, pp.502 - 508, 2005-07-20

F. E. Structural Analysis of Composite Beams Subjected to Cyclic Loadings Considering the Interfacial Bond-Slip Effects

Kwak Hyo-Gyoungresearcher; Hwang, J. W., ASEM'11+, 2011-09

F.R. 리비스: 비평적 실천과 사유의 모험

김영희researcher, 영미문학연구회 2009년 봄 학술대회, pp.1 - 8, 2009

Fabric Circuit Board-Based Dry Electrode and its Characteristics for Long-Term Physiological Signal Recording

Yoo, Jerald; Yoo, Hoi-Junresearcher, IEEE Engineering in Mecdicine nd BIiology- EMBC 2011, pp.2497 - 2500, IEEE, 2011-09-01

Fabricating nanoporous nanofactories entrapping Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles and oxidases for a colorimetric biosensor

김문일; 심종민; Li, T; 이진우; 박현규researcher, 2010 Korean Institute of Chemical Engineering (KIChE) spring meeting, 한국화학공학회, 2010-04-21

Fabricating nanoporous nanofactories entrapping Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles and oxidases for colorimetric biosensing

Park, Hyun Gyuresearcher; Kim, Moon Il; Li, Taihua, BIT’ 3rd World Congress of Industrial Biotechnology 2010, BIT, 2010-07-25

Fabricating Silver Nano-hole Pattern with Different Hole Sizes by Thermal Transfer Printing

Yang, Young-Jo; Choi, Hong-kyoon; Park, O. Ok, 27th IC-ME&D (The 27th international conference on molecular electronics and devices), KoPEA (Korea Printed Electronics Association), 2016-05-19

Fabrication & Characterization of a-Si:H/μ-Si:H Superlattice and Its Application to Solar Cell

Lim, Koeng Suresearcher, Hpfburg, Vienna Austria, 1998-01-01

Fabrication & deformation of large area squashable 3D nano-structured ceramics

Na, Ye-eun; Shin, Dahye; Kisun Kim; Jeon, Seokwooresearcher; Jang, Dongchanresearcher, the 4th International Conference on Electronic Materials and Nanotechnology for Green Environment (ENGE 2016), KIM (The Korean Institute of Metals and Materials), 2016-11-09

Fabrication and actuation of Ionic-Polymer-Metal-Composite Actuator with Selectively Grown Multiple Electrodes

Jeon, Jin-Han; Oh, Il-Kwonresearcher, The 4th International Conference on Technological Advanced of ThinFilms & Surface Coating, pp.258 - 258, 2008-07-11

Fabrication and analysis of high-Q inductor on anodized aluminum for high power package

Lee J.-H.; Shin S.-H.; Kim K.M.; Kwon, Young Seresearcher, 36th European Microwave Conference, EuMC 2006, pp.1387 - 1390, 2006-09-10

Fabrication and analysis of irreversibly or reversibly bonded polymeric micro/nanochannels

Kim, Pilnamresearcher; Suh, K. Y., Gordon Research Conference on the Physics and Chemistry of Microfluidics, Gordon Research Conference, 2007

Fabrication and analysis of MCF-7 spheroid-collagen array using droplet contact-based transfer

Kim, Hwisoo; Cho, Chang Hyun; Park, Je-Kyunresearcher, μTAS 2018 Conference, CBMS, 2018-11-12

Fabrication and Analytical Characterization of 2-D Braided Textile Metal Matrix Composites

Hong, Soon Hyungresearcher, Spring Meeting of Korean Composite materials Society, pp.38 - 41, 복합재료학회, 2001-01-01

Fabrication and application of a microfluidic cell culture device using a micro peptide scaffold

Kim, Minseok S; Park, Je-Kyunresearcher, World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering 2006, 2006-08

Fabrication and Application of Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites

Hong, Soon-Hyungresearcher, The 10th International Symposium on Nanocomposites and Nanoporous Materials (ISNNM10), The 10th International Symposium on Nanocomposites and Nanoporous Materials (ISNNM10), 2009-12-03

Fabrication and application of lab-on-a-display using liquid crystal display

Choi, Wonjae; Kim, Sehwan; Jang, Jin; Park, Je-Kyunresearcher, 제8회 한국 MEMS 학술대회, pp.326 - 329, 2006-04



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