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Increased capillary stalling is associated with endothelial glycocalyx loss in subcortical vascular dementia

Yoon, Jin-Hui; Shin, Paul; Joo, Jongyoon; Kim, Gaon S.; Oh, Wang-Yuhlresearcher; Jeong, Yongresearcher, JOURNAL OF CEREBRAL BLOOD FLOW AND METABOLISM, v.42, no.8, pp.1383 - 1397, 2022-08

Implantable Micro-Light-Emitting Diode (mu LED)-based optogenetic interfaces toward human applications

Lee, Jae Hee; Lee, Sinjeong; Kim, Daesooresearcher; Lee, Keon Jaeresearcher, ADVANCED DRUG DELIVERY REVIEWS, v.187, 2022-08

Plasmon-modulated fluorescence nanoprobes for enzyme-free DNA detection via target signal enhancement and off-target quenching

Choi, Shinyoung; Nam, Yoon Sungresearcher, BIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS, v.210, 2022-08

Discovery of a novel NUAK1 inhibitor against pancreatic cancer

Seo, Myeong-Seong; Jung, Kyung Hee; Kim, Kewon; Lee, Ji Eun; Han, Beom Seok; Ko, Soyeon; Kim, Jae Ho; et al, BIOMEDICINE & PHARMACOTHERAPY, v.152, 2022-08

Network Closure Versus Structural Hole: The Role of Knowledge Spillover Networks in National Innovation Performance

Choi, Hyeri; Zo, Hangjungresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT, v.69, no.4, pp.1011 - 1021, 2022-08

A comprehensive degradation assessment of silicon photovoltaic modules installed on a concrete base under hot and low-humidity environments: Building applications

Khan, Firoz; Alshahrani, Thamraa; Fareed, Imran; Kim, Jae Hyun, SUSTAINABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES AND ASSESSMENTS, v.52, 2022-08

Investigation on the impact resistance of 3D printed nacre-like composites

Ko, Kwonhwan; Lee, Sangmin; Hwang, Young Kwang; Jin, Suyeong; Hong, Jung-Wukresearcher, THIN-WALLED STRUCTURES, v.177, 2022-08

Elemental Sub-Lattice Occupation and Microstructural Evolution in gamma/gamma ' Co-12Ti-4Mo-Cr Alloys

Im, Hye Ji; Makineni, Surendra K.; Oh, Chang-Seok; Gault, Baptiste; Choi, Pyuck-Paresearcher, MICROSCOPY AND MICROANALYSIS, v.28, no.4, pp.1335 - 1339, 2022-08

Systems metabolic engineering of Streptomyces venezuelae for the enhanced production of pikromycin

Cho, Min Kyung; Lee, Byung Tae; Kim, Hyun Ukresearcher; Oh, Min-Kyu, BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOENGINEERING, v.119, no.8, pp.2250 - 2260, 2022-08

Learning JPEG Compression Artifacts for Image Manipulation Detection and Localization

Kwon, Myung-Joon; Nam, Seung-Hun; Yu, In-Jae; Lee, Heung-Kyuresearcher; Kim, Changickresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTER VISION, v.130, no.8, pp.1875 - 1895, 2022-08

Asymmetric Contribution of Blastomere Lineages of First Division of the Zygote to Entire Human Body Using Post-Zygotic Variants

Kwon, Seong Gyu; Bae, Geon Hue; Choi, June Hyug; Mali, Nanda Maya; Jun, Mee Sook; Kim, Dong Sun; Han, Man-Hoon; et al, TISSUE ENGINEERING AND REGENERATIVE MEDICINE, v.19, no.4, pp.809 - 821, 2022-08

Monostatic sampling methods in limited-aperture configuration

Kang, Sangwoo; Lim, Mikyoungresearcher, APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTATION, v.427, 2022-08

Optimal staging of reusable launch vehicles for minimum life cycle cost

Jo, Byeong-Un; Ahn, Jaemyungresearcher, AEROSPACE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, v.127, 2022-08

Decision support system for evidence-based precautionary ecological planning

Min, Deedee Aram; Lee, Ji-Hyunresearcher, JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL DESIGN AND ENGINEERING, v.9, no.4, pp.1157 - 1195, 2022-08

Development of a device for characterizing radiative cooling performance

Yoon, Siwon; Chae, Dongwoo; Seo, Junyong; Choi, Minwoo; Lim, Hangyu; Lee, Heon; Lee, Bong Jaeresearcher, APPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING, v.213, 2022-08

Effect of microstructure evolution at the interphase boundary on the thermal ageing embrittlement of CF8M cast austenitic stainless steel

Kong, Byeong Seo; Shin, Ji Ho; Jeong, Chaewon; Jang, Changheuiresearcher; Kang, Sung-Sik, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRESSURE VESSELS AND PIPING, v.198, 2022-08

Highly impermeable and flexible silica encapsulation films synthesized by sol-gel process

Kim, Si-Hoon; Hwang, Gyeong-Seok; Koo, Donghwan; Seo, Dong-Hyun; Kwon, Ye-Pil; Lee, Hansuekresearcher; Park, Hyesung; et al, NANO RESEARCH, v.15, no.8, pp.7476 - 7483, 2022-08

Could you ever forget me? Why people want to be forgotten online

Kwak, Chanhee; Lee, Junyeong; Lee, Heeseokresearcher, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ETHICS, v.179, no.1, pp.25 - 42, 2022-08

Characterization of junctional structures in the gingival epithelium as barriers against bacterial invasion

Ko, Yeon Kyeong; Hong, Sujung; Kim, Hyun Man; Liu, Mengmeng; Moon, Eunyoung; Kim, Pilhanresearcher; Choi, Youngnim, JOURNAL OF PERIODONTAL RESEARCH, v.57, no.4, pp.799 - 810, 2022-08

Influence of radial fuel staging on combustion instabilities and exhaust emissions from lean-premixed multi-element hydrogen/methane/air flames

Jin, Ukhwa; Kim, Kyu Taeresearcher, COMBUSTION AND FLAME, v.242, 2022-08

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