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Why social networks are different from other types of networks

Newman, MEJ; Park, Jresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, v.68, no.3, 2003-09

Why train-and-select when you can use them all? ensemble model for fault localisation

Sohn, Jeongju; Yoo, Shinresearcher, the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, pp.1408 - 1416, ACM Press, 2019-07-15

Why users participate in cryptocurrencies? an exploratory study using self-determination theory = 암호화폐의 참여 동기에 대한 탐색적 연구 : 자기결정성 이론 관점에서link

Lee, Sanghun; Zo, Hangjung; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2017

Why We Cannot Work without Paper Even in a Computerized Work Environment

Seong, JinHa; Lee, Woohun; Lim, Youn-kyung, CHI ’09 Extended Abstracts, 2009

Why we cannot work without paper even in a computerized work environment

Seong, JinHa; Lee, Woohunresearcher; Lim, Youn-kyungresearcher, 27th International Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, CHI 2009, pp.4105 - 4110, ACM, 2009-04-04

Why We Cannot Work without Paper Even in a Computerized Work Environment

Seong, Jinha; Lee, Woohunresearcher; Lim, Youn-kyungresearcher, International conference on Human factors in computing systems, pp.4105 - 4110, ACM, 2009-04

Why We Need to Install Exciters in Rotating Machines? - Benefits and Prospects

Lee, Chong-Wonresearcher, International Symposium on Stability Control of Rotating Machinery, First International Symposium on Stability Control of Rotating Machinery (ISCORMA-1), 2001-08

Why would online garners share their innovation-conducive knowledge in the online game user community? Integrating individual motivations and social capital perspectives

Hau, Yong Sauk; Kim, Young-Gulresearcher, COMPUTERS IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR, v.27, no.2, pp.956 - 970, 2011-03

Why You Should Charge Your Friends for Borrowing Your Stuff

Shin, Kijungresearcher; Lee, Euiwoong; Eswaran, Dhivya; Procaccia, Ariel D., International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence Organization (IJCAI), 2017-08-25

WI 코더의 개선된 특성파형 분리 방법

한민수researcher; 조근석; 정상배, 2009 한국음성학회 가을학술대회, pp.34 - 35, 2009

Wi-Fi Fingerprint-based Approaches Following Log-Distance Path Loss Model for Indoor Positioning

Jung, SH; Lee, CO; Han, Dong Sooresearcher, 2011 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Workshop Series on Intelligent Radio for Future Personal Terminals (IMWS-IRFPT), pp.62 - 63, IEEE, 2011-08-24

Wi-Fi Intrusion Detection Using Weighted-Feature Selection for Neural Networks Classifier

Muhamad Erza, Aminanto; Tanuwidjaja, Harry; Paul D Yoo; Kim, Kwangjoresearcher, International Workshop on Big Data and Information Security 2017 (IWBIS 2017), University of Indonesia, 2017-09-23

Wi-Fi Sensing: Should Mobiles Sleep Longer as They Age?

Jeong, Jae Seong; Yi, Yungresearcher; Cho, Jeong Woo; Eun, Do Young; Chong, Songresearcher, IEEE INFOCOM 2013, pp.2328 - 2336, IEEE, 2013-04

Wi-Fi 기반 실내 측위를 위한 QR코드를 활용한 라디오 맵 구성

한동수researcher; 성락민; 이민규, 2012년 추계학술대회, ITS(교통.자동차.전자.정보의 융합), pp.76 - 78, (사)한국ITS학회, 2012-11-03

Wi-Fi 로그 데이터를 이용한 매장 방문 고객 특성에 관한 연구 = Study on the characteristics of store customers using Wi-Fi log datalink

김소진; Kim, Sojin; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2016

Wibro usage scenarios and requirements in tactical environment

Jae, S.L.; Young, S.S.; Lee, Hwang Sooresearcher, Military Communications Conference 2006, MILCOM 2006, MILCOM'06, 2006-10-23

Wicking performance of two-dimensional bi-porous wicks

Byon, Chan; Kim, SungJinresearcher, ASME 2011 international mechanical engineering congress and exposition, 2011-11-11

Wide Angle Beam Steerable High Gain Flat Top Beam Antenna Using Graded Index Metasurface Lens

Singh, Amit K.researcher; Abegaonkar, Mahesh P.; Koul, Shiban K., IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION, v.67, no.10, pp.6334 - 6343, 2019-10

Wide angle ultrathin camera for dental imaging

김기수; 장경원; 배상인; 김현경; 정기훈researcher, Annual Biophotonics Conference 2020, (사)한국광학회, 2020-11-06

Wide Area Resource Allocation Policy based on Routing Behaviors for Computational Grids

Youn, ChanHyunresearcher, 한국정보과학회 학술대회, pp.0 - 0, 한국정보과학회, 2004-05



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