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Time-Domain Repetition Coding for MISO Transmission over Free-Space Optical Channel

Kim, Jeong-chan; Han, Young-Namresearcher; Lee, Seung-Hwan, 2013 IEEE 78th Vehicular Technology Conference(VTC Fall), IEEE, 2013-09-04

Time-domain simulation of nonlinear acoustic propagation in a lined duct

Cho, C.H.; Lee, Duck-Jooresearcher; Breard, C.; Premo, J.; Lan, J.H., 14th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference (29th AIAA Aeroacoustics Conference), American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2008-05-05

Time-domain stabilization of carrier-envelope phase in femtosecond light pulses

KIM, Young-Jinresearcher; Coddington, Ian; Swann, William C.; Newbury, Nathan R.; Lee, Joohyung; Kim, Seungchul; Kim, Seung-Wooresearcher, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.22, no.10, pp.11788 - 11796, 2014-05

Time-efficient near-optimal wavelength assignment in dynamically- reconfigurable WDM networks

Ho, Q.-D.; Lee, Man Seopresearcher, 2005 Workshop on High Performance Switching and Routing, HPSR 2005, pp.453 - 456, 2005-05-12

Time-efficient optimal wavelength assignment in optical WDM networks with conversion capability

Ho, QD; Lee, Man Seopresearcher, IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS, v.10, pp.198 - 200, 2006-03

Time-Efficient Stateful Dual-Bit-Memristor Logic

Xu, Nuo; Fang, Liang; Kim, Kyung Minresearcher; Hwang, Cheol Seong, PHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI-RAPID RESEARCH LETTERS, v.13, no.6, 2019-06

Time-efficient trajectory planning algorithms for multiple mobile robots in nuclear/chemical reconnaissance system

Kim, J.-S.; Kim, Byung Kookresearcher, Journal of Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems, v.15, no.10, pp.1047 - 1055, 2009-10

Time-efficient Wavelength Assignment in WDM Networks with Limited-range Conversion Capability

Lee, Man Seopresearcher, COIN, 2005-05

Time-Evolving of Very Large-Scale Motions in a Trubulent Channel Flow

Hwang, Jinyul; Lee, Jin; Sung, Hyung-Jinresearcher; Zaki, Tamer A., 67th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, APS, 2014-11-23

Time-Expanded Networks for Logistics of the Space Exploration Based on Mixed-Integer Linear Programming

Lee, Juseong; Ahn, Jaemyungresearcher, 12th SIAM: East Asian Section Conference 2017, EASIAM, 2017-06-23

Time-Feasible Reachability Tree for Noncyclic Scheduling of Timed Petri Nets

Kim, Hyunjungresearcher; Lee, Jun-Ho; Lee, Tae-Eogresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON AUTOMATION SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, v.12, no.3, pp.1007 - 1016, 2015-07

Time-Frequency Analysis for Impact Echo Method

Kim, Dong-Sooresearcher; Kim, Nam Ryong, The Fifth Korea - Japan Workshop on System Identification and Structural Health Monitoring, pp.233 - 241, 2004-01

Time-frequency analysis for impact Echo-SASW (IE-SASW) method

Kim, Dong-Sooresearcher; 김남룡; 서원석, ADVANCES IN NONDESTRUCTIVE EVALUATION, PT 1-3 Book Series: KEY ENGINEERING MATERIALS, v.270-273, pp.1529 - 1534, 2004

Time-Frequency Analysis of Chirped Femtosecond Pulses Using the Wigner Distribution Function

Hong, KH; Kang, YH; Cha, YH; Kim, JH; Nam, Chang Heeresearcher, Ultrafast Optics 2001, Ultrafast Optics, 2001-07

Time-frequency analysis of chirped femtosecond pulses using Wigner distribution function

Hong, KH; Kim, JH; Kang, YH; Nam, Chang Heeresearcher, APPLIED PHYSICS B-LASERS AND OPTICS, v.74, pp.231 - 236, 2002-06

Time-frequency characteristics of high-order harmonics generated by intense femtosecond laser pulses

Kim, JH; Lee, DG; Nam, Chang Heeresearcher, 4th Pacific Rim Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, v.2, 2001-07-15

Time-frequency features of two types of coupled rub-impact faults in rotor systems

Ma, Hui; Yu, Tao; Han, Qingkai; Zhang, Yimin; Wen, Bangchun; Chen Xuelian, JOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION, v.321, no.3-5, pp.1109 - 1128, 2009-04

Time-Frequency Masking for Robust Speech Feature Extraction

Park, Ki-Young; Lee, Soo-Youngresearcher, Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting, 2002-07

Time-Frequency Masking for Robust Speech Feature Extraction

Park, KY, Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting, 2003

Time-gated iterative phase conjugation for efficient light energy delivery in scattering media

Kim, Dong-Young; Jeong, Seungwon; Jang, Mooseokresearcher; Lee, Ye-Ryoung; Choi, Wonshik, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.287, no.5, pp.7382 - 7391, 2020-03



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