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Towards improving object detection : backbone classification network and region proposal networks = 물체 검출 성능 향상을 위한 연구 : 백본 분류 네트워크와 지역 제안 네트워크 기반link

Kim, Jiwhan; Kim, Junmo; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2018

Towards improving the enhanced Craig-Bampton method

Boo, Seung-Hwan; Kim, Jeong-Ho; Lee, Phill-Seungresearcher, COMPUTERS & STRUCTURES, v.196, pp.63 - 75, 2018-02

Towards improving the MITC9 shell element

Bathe, KJ; Lee, PhillSeungresearcher; Hiller, JF, COMPUTERS STRUCTURES, v.81, no.8-11, pp.477 - 489, 2003-05

Towards improving throughput and reducing latency: A simplified protocol conversion mechanism in distributed energy resources network

Yoo, Yoon Sik; Newaz, S.H.Shah; Shannon, Peter David; Lee, Il-Woo; Choi, Jun Kyunresearcher, APPLIED ENERGY, v.213, pp.45 - 55, 2018-03

Towards increasing the learning speed of gradient descent method in fuzzy system

Park, GY; Seong, Poong-Hyunresearcher, FUZZY SETS AND SYSTEMS, v.77, no.3, pp.299 - 313, 1996-02

Towards Interactive Museum: Mapping Cultural Context to Historical Objects

Park, Kyu Horesearcher; Park, Ki-Woong; Park, Sung Kyu; Yoo, Jong-Woon, ACM International Workshop on Mobile Interaction with the Real World (MIRW), 2009

Towards Interactive Museum: Mapping Cultural Contexts to Historical Objects

Park, Kyu Horesearcher, Mobile Interaction with the Real World (MIRW'09) Workshop in conjunction with ACM MobileHCI'09, 2009-09

Towards interactive networking: Runtime message inference approach for incompatible protocol updates in IoT environments

Son, Heesuk; Lee, Dongmanresearcher, FUTURE GENERATION COMPUTER SYSTEMS-THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ESCIENCE, v.96, pp.563 - 578, 2019-07

Towards Interpersonal Assistants: Next-Generation Conversational Agents Opportunities With Always-on Microstructural Conversation Intervention Assistants

Hwang, Inseok; Lee, Youngki; Yoo, Chungkuk; Min, Chulhong; Yim, Dongsun; Kim, Johnresearcher, IEEE PERVASIVE COMPUTING, v.18, no.2, pp.21 - 31, 2019-04

Towards jitter-free ultrafast electron diffraction technology

Kim, Hyun Woo; Vinokurov, Nikolay A.; Baek, In Hyung; Oang, Key Young; Kim, Mi Hye; Kim, Young Chan; Jang, Kyu-Ha; et al, NATURE PHOTONICS, v.14, no.4, pp.245 - 249, 2020-04

Towards Key-Length Extension with Optimal Security: Cascade Encryption and Xor-cascade Encryption

Lee, Jooyoungresearcher, Eurocrypt 2013, IACR, 2013-05

Towards Knowledge Discovery through Automatic Inference with Text Mining in Biology and Medicine

Lee, Hee-Jin; Park, Jong Cheolresearcher, International Symposium on Semantic Mining in Biomedicine, International Symposium on Semantic Mining in Biomedicine, 2009-09

Towards Knowledge-Based Extraction of Roads from 1m-resolution Satellite Images

Lee, HY; Park, W; Lee, Heung-Kyuresearcher; Kim, T, IEEE Southwest Sym. on Image Analysis and Interpretation, pp.171 - 176, IEEE, 2000

Towards large scale high fidelity collaborative augmented reality

Rompapas, Damien Constantine; Sandor, Christian; Plopski, Alexander; Saakes, Danielresearcher; Shin, Joongi; Taketomi, Takafumi; Kato, Hirokazu, COMPUTERS & GRAPHICS-UK, v.84, pp.24 - 41, 2019-11

Towards long-cycle life zinc-bromide flow batteries: Suppressed zinc dendrite growth using defective carbon electrode

이주혁; 김희탁researcher; 김리율; 최찬용; 김수현; 허지윤; 권재형, 2019 한국공업화학회 춘계 총회 및 학술대회, 한국공업화학회, 2019-05-03

Towards LonWorks Technology and Its Application to Automation

Kim, BH; Cho, Kwang-Hyunresearcher; Park, KS, 4th Korea-Russia Int. Symp. On Science And Technology, v.2, pp.197 - 202, 2000-06

Towards low-voltage non-volatile organic memory with long retention: interfacial engineering based on dipolar self-assembled monolayers

Lee, Seung won; Lee, J; Lee, H; Yuk, YJ; Kim, M; Moon, H; Seo, J; et al, International Workshop on Flexible and Printable Electronics (IWFPE 2013), 한국디스플레이 산업협회 (KDIA), 2013-11-21

Towards managing food-web structure and algal crop diversity in industrial-scale algal biomass production

Yun, Jin-Ho; Smith, Val H.; La, Hyun-Joon; Chang, Yong Keunresearcher, Current Biotechnology, v.5, no.2, pp.118 - 129, 2016-05

Towards Mass Spectrometric Detection of Genomic Mutations and Polymorphism through Single-tube Transcriptional Sequencing Reaction

Kwon, Young-Soo; Cheon, Jihye; KANG, Changwonresearcher, Human Genome Meeting 2000, pp.10 - 10, 2000-04-01

Towards Massive Analysis of Genomic Diversity and Polymorphism Using Mass Spectrometry Invited Lecture

KANG, Changwonresearcher, the 2nd HUGO Pacific Genome Meeting, pp.35 - 35, 1999-03-01



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