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Robust self-localization of indoor mobile robots using a single CCD image = 한 장의 흑백 이미지를 이용한 실내 주행용 이동 로봇의 강인한 자기 위치 인식link

Jeong, Sang-Sam; 정상삼; et al, 한국과학기술원, 1996

Robust Self-localization of Mobile Robots using Artificial and Natural Landmarks

Kweon, In-Soresearcher; Jang, Gijeong; Kim, Sungho; Lee, Wangheon, IEEE International Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Robotics and Automation, 2003-07

Robust semi-supervised learning to label bias = 레이블 편향에 강인한 반지도학습 방법link

Oh, Youngtaek; In So Kweon; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2021

Robust sensor fault reconstruction applied in real-time to an inverted pendulum

Tan C.P.; Habib M.K., MECHATRONICS, v.17, no.7, pp.368 - 380, 2007

Robust sensor fusion with pairwise dynamic covariance scaling for localization in Urban Areas

Kim, Youngji; Kim, Ayoungresearcher, 18th International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots, UR 2021, pp.547 - 552, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2021-07

Robust sensorless control for induction motor drives fed by a matrix converter with variable structure model reference adaptive

Kim W.-S.; Lee K.-B.; Huh S.researcher; Blaabjerg F., PESC 07 - IEEE 38th Annual Power Electronics Specialists Conference, pp.2423 - 2427, 2007-06-17

Robust Separation of Topological In-Plane and Out-of-Plane Waves in a Phononic Crystal

Lee, Myung-Joon; Oh, Il-Kwonresearcher, COMMUNICATIONS PHYSICS, v.5, no.1, 2022-01

Robust sequential variational autoencoder for multivariate time series anomaly detection = 다변량 시계열 이상 탐지를 위한 강건한 순차 변분 오토인코더link

Yu, Yao; Lee, Jae-Gil; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2020

Robust shape-matching criterion for precision tracking of moving objects in correlated image sequences

Cho, JS; Park, Dong-Joresearcher, ELECTRONICS LETTERS, v.40, no.1, pp.22 - 24, 2004-01

Robust single machine scheduling with uncertain processing times = 불확실한 공정시간을 갖는 단일 기계 스케줄링 문제에서의 강건 스케줄link

Lim, Jae Yoong; 임재용; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2016

Robust single-machine scheduling with uncertain processing times

임재용; 박성수researcher, 대한산업공학회 춘계공동학술대회, 대한산업공학회, 2017-04-27

Robust Single-Probe Quantitative Ultrasonic Imaging System With a Target-Aware Deep Neural Network

Kim, Myeong-Gee; Oh, Seokhwan; Kim, Youngmin; Kwon, Hyuksool; Bae, Hyeon-Minresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, v.68, no.12, pp.3737 - 3747, 2021-07

Robust SLAM and sensor calibration frameworks for robots using 2D LiDARs and cameras = 2차원 라이다와 카메라를 사용하는 로봇을 위한 강인한 위치 추정 및 센서 정합법link

Choi, Dong-Geol; 최동걸; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2016

Robust Sliding Hyperplane Design for Parametric Uncertain Systems by Riccati Approach

Kim, Kyung-Sooresearcher; Park, Youngjinresearcher; Oh, SH, Proceedings of the American Control Conference (ACC), 2000

Robust sliding mode-control of a robot manipulator based on variable structure-mode reference adaptive control approach

Huh, SH; Bien, Zeung namresearcher, IET CONTROL THEORY AND APPLICATIONS, v.1, pp.1355 - 1363, 2007-09

Robust Small-scale Pedestrian Detection with Cued Recall via Memory Learning

Kim, Jung Uk; Park, Sungjune; Ro, Yong Manresearcher, 18th IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), pp.3030 - 3039, Computer Vision Foundation, IEEE Computer Society, 2021-10-15

Robust solutions for data storage and learning systems = 강인한 데이터 저장 및 기계학습 시스템 설계link

Sohn, Jy-yong; Moon, Jaekyun; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2020

Robust Sound Event Classification Using LBP-HOG Based Bag-of-Audio-Words Feature Representation

Lim, Hyung Jun; Kim, Myung Jong; Kim, Hoi Rin, Interspeech 2015, pp.3325 - 3329, International Speech Communication Association (ISCA), 2015-09-10

Robust Sound Source Localization considering Similarity of Back-Propagation Signals

An, Inkyu; Jo, Byeongho; KWON, YOUNGSUN; Choi, Jung-Wooresearcher; Yoon, Sung-Euiresearcher, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), pp.1574 - 1580, IEEE, 2020-05-31

Robust source array configuration for minimizing the effect of reflection in an interior space

Cho, Wan Ho; Hong, Seung Wan; Ih, Jeong Guonresearcher, Noise and Vibration: Emerging Technologies, National Institute of Applied Science, 2015-04-15

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