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On-Line Scheduling of Multiple Mobile Robot System Using Coordination Protocol

Yoo, D.H.; Chu, G.H.; Chung, Myung Jinresearcher, International Symposium on Artificial Life and Robotics, pp.317 - 320, AROB, 2000-01

On-line scheduling of robotic cells with post-processing residency constraints

Yoon, H.J.; Lee, Doo Yongresearcher, System Security and Assurance, v.3, pp.2785 - 2790, 2003-10-05

On-line self tuning fuzzy controller using intelligent membership function

Oh, S; Park, Dong-Joresearcher, Proceedings of the 34th SICE Annual Conference, pp.1317 - 1320, 1995-07-26

On-line sensor calibration and localization for mobile robot navigation

Kim, S.D.; Chung, Myung Jinresearcher, Mobile Robots XI and Automated Vehicle Conrol Systems, v.2903, pp.98 - 105, 1996-11-20

On-line Sensor Calibration for Mobile Robots

Kim, Sung Do; Yu, Won Phil; Chung, Myung Jinresearcher, Korean Automatic Control Conference, pp.527 - 530, ICASE, 1996-10

On-Line Signature Verification Using Model-Guided Segmentation and Discriminative Feature Selection for Skilled Forgeries

Kim, JinHyungresearcher; Rhee, TH; Cho, SJ, 6th Int'l Conf. in Document Analysis and Recognition, pp.645 - 649, 2001-09

On-line Smoothing with Dynamic Smoothing Window in ATM Networks

진성기; 조기호; 강석열; 윤현수researcher, Proceeding of 8th JCCI'98(Joint Conference on Communications and Informations), pp.295 - 299, 한국통신학회, 1998

On-line speech enhancement by time-frequency masking under prior knowledge of source location = 소스 위치의 선행 정보를 이용한 시간-주파수 마스킹 기반 온라인 음성 개선link

Kang, Min-Ah; 강민아; et al, 한국정보통신대학교, 2008

On-line static and dynamic gesture recognition for a perceptual user interface = 인지적 사용자 인터페이스를 위한 온라인 정적 및 동적 제스처 인식link

Yoon, Ho-Sub; 윤호섭; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2003

On-line suboptimal midcourse guidance using neural network

Song, Eun-Jung; Lee, Hungu; Tahk, Min-Jearesearcher, Proceedings of the 1996 35th SICE Annual Conference, SICE'96, pp.1313 - 1318, 1996-07-24

On-line tracing supervisory control of discrete-event dynamic systems based on outlooking

Cho, Kwang-Hyunresearcher; Lim, Jong-Taeresearcher, AUTOMATICA, v.35, no.10, pp.1725 - 1729, 1999-10

On-Line Weighted Matrix Factorization For TV Program Recommendation

Jeon, Jin; Kim, MunChurlresearcher, The 12th International Conference on Information & Knowledge Engineering, World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Applied Computing, 2013-07-24

On-machine surface profile metrology for large-scale optics

Kim, Seung-Wooresearcher; Park, J.J.; Kwon, T.M.; You, J.H.; Kihm, H.Y., ASPEN 2007, 2007

On-machine surface profile metrology for large-scale optics

Kim, Seung-Wooresearcher, KAIST-NTU Student Workshop, KAIST-NTU, 2007-02

On-machine surface profile metrology for Polishing large-scale Opitcs

Khim, H.; Park, J.; Kwon, T.; You, J.; Kim, Seung-Wooresearcher, The 2nd International Conference on Positioning Technology, pp.141 - 145, 2006

On-Off Actuator using Buckled Bistable Beam

Han, Jae-Hungresearcher; Addo-Akoto, Reynolds; Kang, Choon-Gil; Lee, Jun-Seong, The 3rd International Workshop on Active Materials and Soft Mechatronics, KAIST, 2018-10-24

On-off controllable RNA hybrid expression vector for yeast three-hybrid system

Bak, Geun-U; Hwang, Se-Won; Ko, Ye-Rim; Lee, Jung-Min; Kim, Young-Mi; Kim, Kyung-Hwan; Hong, Soon-Kang; et al, BMB REPORTS, v.43, no.2, pp.110 - 114, 2010-02

On-off dewatering control for lipase-catalyzed synthesis of n-butyl oleate in n-hexane by tubular type pervaporation system

Kwon, SJ; Rhee, Joon Shick, JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.8, no.2, pp.165 - 170, 1998-04

On-off Switched Interference Alignment for Diversity Multiplexing Tradeoff Improvement in the 2-User X-Network with Two Antennas

Kim, Young-bin; Kang, Myung Gil; Choi, Wanresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS, v.18, no.1, pp.546 - 558, 2019-01

On-off valve Controlled Pneumatic Positioner

Lee, Chung-Ohresearcher, 4th International Conference on Fluid Power Control, International Conference on Fluid Power Transmission and Control, 1997-09



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