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NO Oxidation over Pt Based Catalysts for Hybrid Fast SCR Process

김상돈researcher, 한국 화학공학회 2004년도 가을 학술대회, pp.1967 -, 2004

“No Permanent Exiles: The Intellectual Migration of Japanese Biomedical Researchers after World War II

Park BuhmSoonresearcher, Annual Meeting of the Society for Social Studies of Science, Society for Social Studies of Science, 2010-08-27

NO Removal by Photocatalytic Reaction with TiO2 Catalyst

김상돈researcher, 한국에너지공학회 춘계학술회의, pp.69 - 72, 한국에너지공학회, 1998

NO removal by reducing agents and additives in the selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR) process

Bae, Sang Wook; Roh, Seon Ah; Kim, Sang Doneresearcher, CHEMOSPHERE, v.65, no.1, pp.170 - 175, 2006

NO removal over novel Pt/ZSM-5 prepared by CVD method from lean-burn engine

Woo, Seong-Ihlresearcher; Oh, IH; Oh, KS; Kim, MR, 한국제올라이트학회 추계학술발표회, pp.0 - 0, 한국제올라이트학회, 2004-10-01

No-arbitrage모형을 이용한 이자율 옵션 가격결정에 관한 연구 = A study on the interest rate options pricing using no-arbitrage modelslink

허필석; Heo, Pil-Seok; et al, 한국과학기술원, 1998

No-Cloning Theorem, Kochen-Specker Theorem, and Quantum Measurement Theories

Nagata, Koji; Nakamura, Tadao; Farouk, Ahmed; Do Ngoc Diep, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THEORETICAL PHYSICS, v.58, no.6, pp.1845 - 1853, 2019-06

No-Escape Envelope with Field of Regard Constraint using Gradient-Based Direct Method for Pursuit-Evasion Games

Ryu, Hyeok; Bai, Ji Hoon; Tahk, Min-Jearesearcher; Park, Sanghyuk; Yun, Joongsup, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AERONAUTICAL AND SPACE SCIENCES, v.19, no.3, pp.675 - 684, 2018-09

No-Load Power Reduction Technique for AC/DC Adapters

Lee, Byoung-Hee; Park, Ki-Bumresearcher; Kim, Chong-Eun; Moon, Gun-Wooresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS, v.27, no.8, pp.3685 - 3694, 2012-08

No-reference Image Quality Assessment based on Singular Value Decomposition without Learning

Kim, Jong Hee; Eun, Hyun Jun; Kim, Chang Ickresearcher, 16th Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia, PCM 2015, pp.506 - 515, Springer Verlag, 2015-09-18

No-Reference PSNR Estimation for HEVC Encoded Video

Lee, Bum-Shik; Kim, Mun-Churlresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BROADCASTING, v.59, no.1, pp.20 - 27, 2013-03

No-reference visual quality assessment based on PSNR and ssim estimation for H.264/AVC-encoded video = H.264/AVC 부호화 비디오에 대한 PSNR 및 SSIM 예측 기반 무기준법 화질 평가에 관한 연구link

Na, Tae-Young; 나태영; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2014

No-Sensing Properties of Octa(2-Ethylhexyloxy)Metallophthalocyanine LB Films Using Quartz Crystal Microbalance

Kim, Jong-Dukresearcher; Kim, SR; Choi, KH; Chang, YH, 6th Molecular Electronics and Devices Symposium , pp.0 - 0, 6th Molecular Electronics and Devices Symposium, 1995-05-10

No-Signaling Principle Can Determine Optimal Quantum State Discrimination

Bae, Joonwooresearcher; Hwang, Won-Young; Han, Yeong-Deok, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, v.107, no.17, 2011-10

No-signaling quantum key distribution: solution by linear programming

Hwang, Won-Young; Bae, Joonwooresearcher; Killoran, Nathan, QUANTUM INFORMATION PROCESSING, v.14, no.2, pp.687 - 696, 2015-02

No-wait flowshop sequencing problem with total job tardiness = 공정대기를 허락하지 않고 계약지연을 최소화 하는 규칙적 연속일정계획link

Lee, Young-Soo; 이영수; et al, 한국과학기술원, 1991

No. 7 신호망을 이용한 지능망의 성능평가 = Performance analysis of intelligent networks based on the No. 7 signaling systemlink

정민영; Chung, Min-Young; et al, 한국과학기술원, 1994

NO2 gas sensing properties of amorphous InGaZnO4 submicron-tubes prepared by polymeric fiber templating route

Cho, Nam Gyu; Kim, Il-Dooresearcher, SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL, v.160, no.1, pp.499 - 504, 2011-12

NO2 gas sensing properties of QCM sensor using H2Pc LB Films

Kwon, HJ; Lee, YJ; Choi, SA; Kim, JD; Chang, YongKeunresearcher, 생물공정연구센터 연례 심포지움, pp.101 - 102, 생물공정연구센터, 1997-09-05

NO2 에 의한 탄소 나노입자의 산화 특성

추정범; 김진호; 정재희; 김상수researcher, 대한기계학회 추계학술대회, pp.91 - 96, 대한기계학회, 2006-11-01



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