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Interaction layer thermal conductivity for the U-Mo /Al dispersion fuel during ‎irradiation (Invited)

Ryu, Ho Jinresearcher; Mistarihi, Qusai, 한국원자력학회 2016 춘계학술대회, 한국원자력학회, 2016-05-12

Interaction mechanism between a functionalized protective layer and dissolved polysulfide for extended cycle life of lithium sulfur batteries

Ahn, Wook; Lim, Sung-Nam; Lee, Dong Un; Kim, Kwang-Bum; Chen, Zhongwei; Yeon, Sun-Hwa, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, v.3, no.18, pp.9461 - 9467, 2015

Interaction mediated by size differences between Y2BaCuO5 and CeO2 particles in melt-textured YBCO superconductors

Kim, Young-Ha; No, Kwang-Sooresearcher; Han, Y. H.; Kim, C. -J.; Jun, B. -H.; Lee, S. Y.; Yoon, Jae-Sung; et al, CRYOGENICS, v.51, pp.247 - 252, 2011-06

Interaction Mediator Assisted Synthesis of Mesoporous Molybdenum Carbide: Mo-Valence State Adjustment for Optimizing Hydrogen Evolution

Kim, Seongbeen; Choi, Changhyeok; Hwang, Jongkook; Park, Jinkyu; Jeong, Jooyoung; Jun, Hyunwoo; Lee, Seonggyu; et al, ACS NANO, v.14, no.4, pp.4988 - 4999, 2020-04

Interaction Mediator Assisted Synthesis of Mesoporous MoxC: Mo-Valence Control for HER

김성빈; 전현우; 정유성; 이진우researcher, 한국전기화학회 2019년도 추계 총회 및 학술발표회, 한국전기화학회, 2019-11-07

Interaction Model Analysis for Single-person Household in South Korea Using Persona-based Scenario Method

CHANG, MI; NAH, KEN, 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Human System Integration, IHSI International 2019, 2019-02-09

Interaction model between the upper gastrointestinal tract and the endoscope for ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholan-giopancreatography) simulation = 내시경적 역행성 담췌관조영술의 시뮬레이션을 위한 상부위장관과 내시경의 상호작용 모델link

Kim, Myeong-Jin; 김명진; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2012

Interaction Modes of Fish Schooling in a Viscous Flow

E.Uddin; W.-X. Huang; Sung, Hyung Jinresearcher, 14th Asian Congress of Fluid Mechanics, 14th Asian Congress of Fluid Mechanics, 2013-10-17

Interaction modes of multiple flexible flags in a uniform flow

Uddin, Emad; Huang, Wei-Xi; Sung, Hyung Jinresearcher, JOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS, v.729, pp.563 - 583, 2013-08

Interaction network among functional drug groups

Lee, Minho; Park, Keunwan; Kim, Dongsupresearcher, BMC SYSTEMS BIOLOGY, v.7, 2013-10

Interaction of (R)- and (S)-propylene oxide on chiral Pt(111) surfaces modified by (R)-3,3-Dimethyl-2-butylamine = 키랄 Pt(111) 표면과 (R)- 및 (S)-Propylene Oxide의 입체 선택적 상호작용 연구link

Kim, Young-Woo; 김영우; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2010

Interaction of a homogeneous chemical reaction and mass transfer in a single moving droplet

Pawelski, Alexander; Jeon, Sang Jun; Hong, Won-Hiresearcher; Paschedag, Anja R.; Kraume, Matthias, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE, v.104, pp.260 - 268, 2013-12

Interaction of a moving shock wave with a two-phase reacting medium

Park, JS; Baek, Seung-Wookresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER, v.46, no.24, pp.4717 - 4732, 2003-11

Interaction of a Moving Shock Wave with Carbon Particle-Laden Gas

Park, JS; Baek, Seung-Wookresearcher, A021, The Third Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion, 2001-06

Interaction of a Moving Shock Wave with Multiple Serial Vortices(AIAA-2002-0075)

Chang, Keun Sickresearcher, AIAA Conference, 2002

Interaction of a Pair of Curved Wall Jets After a Circular Cylinder

Chung, Myung Kyoonresearcher, AIAA 21st Aerospace Sciences Meeting, pp.10 - 13, 1983

Interaction of a putative BH3 domain of clusterin with anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 family proteins as revealed by NMR spectroscopy

Lee, Dong-Hwa; Ha, Ji-Hyang; Kim, Yul; Bae, Kwang-Hee; Park, Jae-Yong; Choi, Wan Sung; Yoon, Ho Sup; et al, BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS, v.408, no.4, pp.541 - 547, 2011-05

Interaction of a transition metal atom with intrinsic defects in single-walled carbon nanotubes

Yang, Seong-Ho; Shin, Weon-Ho; Lee, Jung-Woo; Kim, Se-Yun; Woo, Seong-Ihlresearcher; Kang, Jeung-Kuresearcher, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B, v.110, pp.13941 - 13946, 2006-07

Interaction of a transverse electromagnetic wave with a bounded thermal plasma

Choi, Duk In; Yoon, NS, JOURNAL OF PLASMA PHYSICS, v.59, pp.751 - 759, 1998

Interaction of a Transverse Electromagnetic Wave with a Bounded Thermal Plasma with an External Magnetic Field

Choi, Duk In, International Congress on Plasma Physics combined with the 25th EPS Conference on Controlled Fusion and Plasma Physics, 1998



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