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Input test signal design and parameter estimation method for the Hammerstein-Wiener processes

Lee, YJ; Sung, SW; Park, Suyong; Park, Sunwonresearcher, INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH, v.43, no.23, pp.7521 - 7530, 2004-11

Input Uncertainty Quantification With Empirical Dependence Information

Kim, Kyoung-Kukresearcher; KIM, TAE HO, INFORMS Annual Meeting, INFORMS, 2019-10-21

Input-profile-based software failure probability quantification for safety signal generation systems

Kang, Hyun Gookresearcher; Lim, Ho Gon; Lee, Ho Jung; Kim, Man Cheol; Jang, Seung Cheol, RELIABILITY ENGINEERING & SYSTEM SAFETY, v.94, no.10, pp.1542 - 1546, 2009-10

Input-voltage feedforward (IVFF) circuit minimizing current stress of voltage-doubler rectified asymmetrical half-bridge (VDRAHB) converter

Kim, CE; Moon, GunWooresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS, v.55, pp.2222 - 2224, 2008-05

Input/output linearization using time delay control and time delay observer

Pyung-Hun Changresearcher, ACC, pp.318 - 322, 1998-06-01

Input/output linearization using time delay control and time delayobserver

Lee, Jung W.; Chang, Pyung H., KSME International Journal, Vol.13, No.7, pp.546-556, 1999

Inputs from the auditory cortex dominates the visual cortical inputs in the posterior parietal cortex

Song, You Hyang; Kim, Jae Hyun; Jeong, Hye Won; Choi, Ilsong; Jeong, Daun; Kim, Kwansoo; Lee, Seung Heeresearcher, State of the Brain, Keystone Symposia, 2016-05-24

Inquilinus ginsengisoli sp. nov., isolated from soil of a ginseng field

Jung, Hae-Min; Lee, Jung-Sook; Bae, Heon-Meen; Yi, Tae-Hoo; Kim, Se-Young; Lee, Sung-Taikresearcher; Im, Wan-Taek, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SYSTEMATIC AND EVOLUTIONARY MICROBIOLOGY, v.61, pp.201 - 204, 2011-01

INS/GPS 결합 시스템에서의 비선형 필터 성능 비교

전상윤; 설상환; Kim, Kwang hoon; 공승현researcher, 2013 KGS Conference, 한국위성항법시스템학회, 2013-11-08

INS/ST/Optical Sensor Integrated Algorithm With Weighted Multi Observation

Kim, Kiduck; Bang, Hyochoongresearcher, 69th International Astronautical Congress 2018, IAC, 2018-10-24

INS/VLC 융합 시스템 기반 실내 항법 알고리즘 및 성능분석

전상윤; 공승현researcher, 한국통신학회 학술대회, 한국통신학회, 2015-01

InSAR 고도계의 높이 및 각도 추정에 대한 모의실험

백인찬; 이상일; 전주환researcher; 이혁중; 장종훈, 한국전자파학회 논문지, v.25, no.8, pp.838 - 848, 2014-08

InSAR-based Detection and Mapping of Seismically-induced Ground Deformation in Pohang City using Sentinel-1

Ramirez, Ryan; Kwon, Tae-Hyukresearcher, The 32nd KKHTCNN Symposium on Civil Engineering, KAIST, 2019-10-24

Inscribing an axially symmetric polygon and other approximation algorithms for planar convex sets

Ahn, HK; Brass, P; Cheong, Otfriedresearcher; Na, HS; Shin, CS; Vigneron, A, COMPUTATIONAL GEOMETRY-THEORY AND APPLICATIONS, v.33, no.3, pp.152 - 164, 2006-02

Insect Cuticle-inspired Self-Healing Biomaterials

Lee, Haeshinresearcher, International Symposium on Smart Biomaterials 2015, 전남대학교병원, 2015-03

Insect odorant receptor trafficking requires calmodulin

Bahk, Suhyoung; Jones, Walton Dresearcher, BMC BIOLOGY, v.14, 2016-09

Insensitive Initialization of LVQ based on IAFC Neural Network

이상완researcher; 김용수, 2016년도 한국지능시스템학회 춘계학술대회, 한국지능시스템학회, 2016-04

Inserting Safe Memory Re-use Commands iinto ML-like Programs

Kwangkeun Yiresearcher, The Third Asian Workshop On Programming Languages and Systems, 2002

Inserting safe memory reuse commands into ML-like programs

Lee, O; Yang, Hongseokresearcher; Yi, K, STATIC ANALYSIS, PROCEEDINGS, v.2694, pp.171 - 188, 2003

Insertion Loss of Cu-Al Clad Metal with Heat Treatment Condition

Hong, Soon-Hyungresearcher, Spring Meeting of The Korean Institute of Metals and Materials, 금속재료학회, 2007-04-26



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