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Curved metasurface for perfect absorption of sound

Kim, Jiwan; Jeon, Wonjuresearcher, Inter-Noise 2020, The Korean Society for Noise and Vibration Engineering, 2020-08-23

Curved Wing의 플러터 특성

백승길; 이인researcher; 신영석, 제6차 유도무기 학술대회, 1996-09

Curved-hill을 지나는 난류박리유동장의 계산

조성호; 박승오researcher, 한국항공우주학회 추계학술대회, pp.347 - 352, 한국항공우주학회, 1991-11

Curved-microfiber photon coupling for photonic crystal light emitter

Hwang, IK; Kim, SK; Yang, JK; Kim, SH; Lee, SH; Lee, Yong-Heeresearcher, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.87, pp.907 - 912, 2005-09

Curvilinear feature extraction and approximations for real world images = 실제 영상에 대한 Curvilinear 특징의 추출 및 근사화 방법에 대한 연구link

Sull, Sang-Hoon; 설상훈; et al, 한국과학기술원, 1983

Curvilinear 격자 구조의 3차원 초음파 데이터의 빠른 도시에 관한 연구

나종범researcher; 최정필, KOSOMBE Conference, pp.112 - 113, 의용생체공학회, 1999-05

CuS Nanoplates for Sodium-Ion Battery Anodes

육종민researcher, 대한금속재료학회 2018 추계학술대회, 대한금속재료학회, 2018-10-25

Cusp catastrophe of symmetry breaking in two-component Bose-Einstein condensates

Kim, JG; Lee, JW; Ihm, DC; Lee, HJ; Lee, Eok Kyunresearcher, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS B-ATOMIC MOLECULAR AND OPTICAL PHYSICS, v.36, no.11, pp.2267 - 2274, 2003-06

Cusp 패턴 조정과 미소 볼엔드 밀링을 이용한 3차원 자유곡면의 다듬질

심충건; 양민양researcher, 한국정밀공학회지, v.11, no.1, pp.177 - 183, 1994

Custom crystals control photons

Lee, Yong-Heeresearcher; Ryu, HY, IEEE CIRCUITS DEVICES, v.18, no.3, pp.8 - 15, 2002-05

Custom Optoelectronic Force Sensor Based Ground Reaction Force (GRF) Measurement System for Providing Absolute Force

PARK, JUNGHOON; Kim, Sangjoon Jonathan; Na, Youngjin; Kim, Jungresearcher, 13th International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence (URAI 2016), pp.75 - 77, 한국로봇학회, 2016-08-20

Custom Sub-Systems and Circuits for Deep Learning: Guest Editorial Overview

Chen, Chia-Yu; Murmann, Boris; Seo, Jae-Sun; Yoo, Hoi-Junresearcher, IEEE JOURNAL ON EMERGING AND SELECTED TOPICS IN CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS, v.9, no.2, pp.247 - 252, 2019-06

Customer analysis based on VOC : insurance business case = VOC에 기초한 고객분석 : 보험업 중심으로link

Pyon, Chong-Un; 변정은; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2001

Customer attribution of service failure and its impact in social commerce environment

Kim, Yaeeun; Chang, Younghoon; Wong, Siew Fan; Park, Myeong-Cheolresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ELECTRONIC CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT, v.8, no.1-3, pp.136 - 158, 2014-01

Customer Base Analysis under Repeated Price Promotion in the Noncontractual Setting

김호; 김정기; 전덕빈researcher, 2008년 대한산업공학회/한국경영과학회 춘계공동학술대회, pp.1 - 26, 대한산업공학회, 2008-05

Customer churn analysis: Churn determinants and mediation effects of partial defection in the Korean mobile telecommunications service industry

Ahn, Jae-Hyeonresearcher; Han, Sang-Pil; Lee, Yung-Seop, TELECOMMUNICATIONS POLICY, v.30, no.10-11, pp.552 - 568, 2006

Customer Churn Prediction Based on Feature Clustering and Nonparallel Support Vector Machine

Zhao, Xi; Shi, Yong; Lee, Jongwon; Kim, Heung Kee; Lee, Heeseokresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & DECISION MAKING, v.13, no.5, pp.1013 - 1027, 2014-09

Customer classification models and recommender systems for ubiquitous customer relationship management = 유비쿼터스 고객관계관리를 위한 고객분류모형 및 추천 시스템link

Ahn, Hyun-Chul; 안현철; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2006

Customer Data Scanner for Hands-Free Mobile Payment

Kim, Soo Hyung; Choi, Daeseon; Jin, Seung-Hun; Yoon, Hyunsooresearcher; Son, JinWoo; Yoon, MyungKeun, IEICE TRANSACTIONS ON COMMUNICATIONS, v.E98B, no.11, pp.2291 - 2299, 2015-11

Customer Focus in Supply Chain Management Incorporated with Data Mining

Park, Sang Chan, APIEMS '99, pp.401 - 404, 1999



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