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Inactivation of MPF and MAP kinase by single electrical stimulus for parthenogenetic development of porcine oocytes

Koo, Deog-Bon; Chae, Jung-Il; Kim, Ji-Su; Wee, Gabbine; Song, Bong-Seok; Lee, Kyung-Kwang; Han, Yong Mahnresearcher, MOLECULAR REPRODUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT, v.72, no.4, pp.542 - 549, 2005-12

Involvement of phosphatidylinositol 3 kinase in the progesterone-induced oocyte maturation in Rana dybowskii

Ju J.-W.; Im W.-B.; Kwon H.B.; Choi H.-S.; Bandyopadhyay A.; Chung, Jongkyeongresearcher, GENERAL AND COMPARATIVE ENDOCRINOLOGY, v.126, no.2, pp.213 - 220, 2002



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