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Comparative study of photocatalytic activities of hydrothermally grown ZnO nanorod on Si(001) wafer and FTO glass substrates

Jeon, Eun Hee; Yang, Sena; Kim, Yeonwoo; Kim, Namdong; Shin, Hyun-Joon; Baik, Jaeyoon; Kim, Hyun Sung; et al, NANOSCALE RESEARCH LETTERS, v.10, 2015-09

Investigation of the asymmetric hydrogenation between the chiral ligand and substrate; comparative studies of photocatalytic activities of ZnO nanorods grown on substrates = 이형질 비대칭 수소화 반응에 관한 키랄리간드-기질의 반응경로 연구; 기판에 따른 ZnO 나노막대의 광촉매 활성 비교 연구link

Jeon, Eunhee; 전은희; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2015

Photocatalytic oxidation activities of TiO2 nanorod arrays: A surface spectroscopic analysis

Hwang, Yun Jeong; Yang, Sena; Jeon, Bun Hee; Nho, Hyun Woo; Kim, Ki-Jeong; Yoon, Tae Hyun; Lee, Hangil, APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL, v.180, pp.480 - 486, 2016-01

Self-assembled structures of amino acids and unnatural amino acid on metal surfaces = 금속 표면에서 아미노산과 비천연 아미노산의 자기 조립 구조체 연구link

Yang, Sena; 양세나; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2016

Toward enhancement of TiO2 surface defect sites related to photocatalytic activity via facile nitrogen doping strategy

Yang, Sena; Kim, Yeonwoo; Jeon, Eun Hee; Baik, Jae Yoon; Kim, Namdong; Kim, Hyun Sung; Lee, Hangil, CATALYSIS COMMUNICATIONS, v.81, pp.45 - 49, 2016-06



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