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Addressing institutional challenges in sustainable development goals implementation: Lessons from the Republic of Korea


반도체 FAB 내 Machine과 Vehicle의 상태를 고려한 투입량 관리 및 강화 학습을 사용한 고도화 알고리즘 개발

연소의; 장영재, 한국경영과학회 2021년 춘계 공동학술대회, 한국경영과학회, 2024-12-04

Equity implications of net-zero emissions: A multi-model analysis of energy expenditures across income classes under economy-wide deep decarbonization policies

Bistline, John; Onda, Chikara; Browning, Morgan; Emmerling, Johannes; Iyer, Gokul; Mahajan, Megan; McFarland, Jim; et al, ENERGY AND CLIMATE CHANGE, v.5, 2024-12

Prediction of sloshing pressure using image-based deep learning

Kim, Ki Jong; Kim, Daegyoum, OCEAN ENGINEERING, 2024-07

Metabolic engineering and fermentation of microorganisms for carotenoids production

EUN, HYUNMIN; Lee, Sang Yup, Current Opinion in Biotechnology, v.87, pp.103104, 2024-06

Linear attention is (maybe) all you need (to understand Transformer optimization)

Ahn, Kwangjun; Cheng, Xiang; Song, Minhak; Yun, Chulhee; Jadbabaie, Ali; Sra, Suvrit, 12th International Conference on Learning Representations, ICLR 2024, International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR), 2024-05-07

Prime vertex-minors of a prime graph

Kim, Donggyu; Oum, Sang-il, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF COMBINATORICS, v.118, 2024-05

Single domain generalizable and physically interpretable bearing fault diagnosis for unseen working conditions

Kim, Iljeok; Kim, Sung Wook; Kim, Jeongsan; Huh, Hyunsuk; Jeong, Iljoo; Choi, Taegyu; Kim, Jeongchan; et al, EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS, v.241, 2024-05

Fe-based high-entropy alloy with excellent mechanical properties enabled by nanosized precipitates and heterogeneous grain distribution

Jung, Heechan; Lee, Sangwon; Kang, Taehyeok; Zargaran, Alireza; Choi, Pyuck-Pa; Sohn, Seok Su, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, v.181, pp.71 - 81, 2024-05

Combined impacts of aluminum and silica ions on RO membrane fouling in full-scale ultrapure water production facilities

Park, Daeseon; Yeo, In-Ho; Lee, Jiseon; Kim, Hyojeon; Choi, Seungju; Kang, Seoktae, Desalination, v.577, pp.117380, 2024-05

Growth of torsion subgroups of elliptic curves over number fields without rationally defined CM

Im, Bo-Hae; Kim, Hansol, Journal of Number Theory, v.258, no.5, pp.1 - 21, 2024-05

Growth of torsion groups of elliptic curves over number fields without rationally defined CM

Im, Bo-Hae; Kim, HanSol, JOURNAL OF NUMBER THEORY, v.258, pp.1 - 21, 2024-05

Heat vulnerability and spatial equity of cooling center: Planning implications from the Korean case

Lee, Jisun; Han, Albert Tonghoon, Urban Climate, v.55, 2024-05

Experimental investigation of high-frequency transverse instability in Helmholtz resonator-coupled lean-premixed hydrogen combustor

Kang, Hyebin; Kim, Kyu Tae, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY, v.65, pp.142 - 150, 2024-05

Toward feasible single atom-based hydrogen evolution electrocatalysts via artificial ensemble sites for anion exchange membrane water electrolyzer

Lim, Won-Gwang; Truong, Hoang Nam; Jeong, Jae-Yeop; Kim, Dongkyu; Oh, Lee Seul; Jo, Changshin; Kim, Chiho; et al, APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENT AND ENERGY, v.343, 2024-04

Real-time estimation of longitudinal tire stiffness considering dynamic characteristics of tire

Do, Jongyong; Hyun, Dongyoon; Han, Kyoungseok; Choi, Seibum B, MECHATRONICS, v.98, 2024-04

Elastic size effect of single crystal copper beams under combined loading of torsion and bending

Choi, Jae Hoon; Ryu, Hyemin; Sim, Gi-Dong, Thin-Walled Structures, v.197, pp.111602, 2024-04

Hybrid rich- and lean-premixed ammonia-hydrogen combustion for mitigation of NOx emissions and thermoacoustic instabilities

Jin, Ukhwa; Kim, Kyu Tae, COMBUSTION AND FLAME, v.262, 2024-04

Experimental and numerical investigation of cryogenic no-vent fill (NVF) process using adsorption on activated carbon

Kim, Jinwook; Kim, Kyoung Joong; Bae, Jun Hyuk; Jeong, Sangkwon, Cryogenics, v.139, 2024-04

Voices of transitions: Korea's online news media and user comments on the energy transition

Kim, Byungjun; Yang, Soeun; Kim, Hana, Energy Policy, v.187, 2024-04

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