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Safety and performance enhanced boehmite-coupled polyethylene nanocomposite separator for lithium-ion batteries by synergetic effects of silane treatment and electron irradiation

Lee, Sang Yoon; Lee, Ju Hyuk; Lee, Jaewoo; Kim, Sungwoo; Cho, Sung Oh, JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES, v.560, 2023-03

Multi-targeted therapy resistance via drug-induced secretome fucosylation

Aldonza, Mark Borris D.; Cha, Junghwa; Yong, Insung; Ku, Jayoung; Sinitcyn, Pavel; Lee, Dabin; Cho, Ryeong-Eun; et al, ELIFE, v.12, 2023-03

A Cell-Fate Reprogramming Strategy Reverses Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition of Lung Cancer Cells While Avoiding Hybrid States

Kim, Namhee; Hwang, Chae Young; Kim, Taeyoung; Kim, Hyunjin; Cho, Kwang-Hyun, CANCER RESEARCH, v.83, no.6, pp.956 - 970, 2023-03


Lee, Duksang; Oum, Sang-IL, SIAM JOURNAL ON DISCRETE MATHEMATICS, v.37, no.1, pp.304 - 314, 2023-03

Extension of the Shakhov Bhatnagar-Gross-Krook model for nonequilibrium gas flows

Yao, Siqi; Fei, Fei; Luan, Peng; Jun, Eunji; Zhang, Jun, PHYSICS OF FLUIDS, v.35, no.3, 2023-03

Arctic-associated increased fluctuations of midlatitude winter temperature in the 1.5 degrees and 2.0 degrees warmer world

Hong, Yungi; Wang, S. -Y. Simon; Son, Seok-Woo; Jeong, Jee-Hoon; Kim, Sang-Woo; Kim, Baekmin; Kim, Hyungjun; et al, NPJ CLIMATE AND ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE, v.6, no.1, 2023-03

(EDTA) 4-supplements as superior modifier of the in-vitro -degradation properties of the magnesium alloy coated through discharge-assisted process

Rahman, Zeeshan Ur; Ali, Maqsood; Pan, Ye-Tang; Churchill, David G.; Koo, Bon Heun, JOURNAL OF MAGNESIUM AND ALLOYS, v.11, no.3, pp.945 - 957, 2023-03

A novel splicing variant of DJ-1 in Parkinson?s disease induces mitochondrial dysfunction

Cho, Namjoon; Joo, Jaegeon; Choi, Sunkyung; Kang, Bu-Gyeong; Lee, Andrew J.; Youn, So-Yeon; Park, Su-Hyung; et al, HELIYON, v.9, no.3, 2023-03

Closed-loop optimization of nanoparticle synthesis enabled by robotics and machine learning

Park, Jungwon; Kim, Young Min; Hong, Seonghun; Han, Byungchan; Nam, Ki Tae; Jung, Yousung, MATTER, v.6, no.3, pp.677 - 690, 2023-03

Near-Eye Holographic 3D Display and Advanced Amplitude-Modulating Encoding Scheme for Extended Reality

Lee, Hyoung; Son, Wookho; Kim, Minseok; Yoon, Yongjin; Yoon, MinSung, APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL, v.13, no.6, 2023-03

One-step synthesis of a robust, ultrathin, stretchable antifogging copolymer film

Ryu, Jin; Oh, Myung Seok; Yoon, Jongsun; Kang, Minjeong; You, Jae Bem; Lee, Hyomin; Im, Sung Gap, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C, v.11, no.13, pp.4318 - 4327, 2023-03

Gas Distribution Mapping and Source Localization: A Mini-Review

Kim, Taehwan; Park, Inkyu, Journal of Sensor Science and Technology, v.32, no.2, pp.75 - 81, 2023-03

TouchWheel: Enabling Flick-and-Stop Interaction on the Mouse Wheel

Son, Sunmin; Jung, Jingun; Ham, Auejin; Lee, Geehyuk, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN-COMPUTER INTERACTION, 2023-03

Analysis of mitochondrial double-stranded RNAs in human cells

Kim, Sujin; Yoon, Jimin; Lee, Keonyong; Kim, Yoosik, STAR PROTOCOLS, v.4, no.1, 2023-03

Vanishing short multiplets in rank one 4d/5d SCFTs

Song, Jaewon, JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS, v.2023, no.3, 2023-03

Highly Uniform Array of Hexagonally Symmetric Micro-Pyramid Structures for Scalable and Single Quantum Dot Emitters

Song, Yong-Ho; Yeo, Hwan-Seop; Sung, Chan-Young; Kim, Byung Su; Ahn, Seonghun; Cho, Yong-Hoon, ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES, v.10, no.8, 2023-03

Metabolic engineering for sustainability and health

Gi Bae, Kim; Choi, Soyoung; Cho, In Jin; Ahn, Da-Hee; Lee, Sang Yup, TRENDS IN BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.41, no.3, pp.425 - 451, 2023-03

Clash of reputation and status in online reviews

Mun, Hyejin; Lee, Chul Ho; Jung, Hyunju; Yasin, Ceran, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & MANAGEMENT, v.24, no.1, pp.55 - 77, 2023-03

Understanding Energy Citizenship: How Cultural Capital Shapes the Energy Transition

Jansma, Sikke R.; Long, Le Anh Nguyen; Lee, Dasom, ENERGIES, v.16, no.5, 2023-03

Daylong Sub-Ambient Radiative Cooling with Full-Color Exterior Based on Thermal Radiation and Solar Decoupling

Jeon, Suwan; Son, Soomin; Min, Seokhwan; Park, Hyeonjin; Lee, Heon; Shin, Jonghwa, ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS, v.11, no.5, 2023-03

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